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Time For A No. 2

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...........interminable tv advert campaigns from the supermarkets, the festive lights in town have been on for two months, Messrs' Holder and Lea have tucked away another half a million for "Merry Christmas Everybody", Quo are back in the arenas and in an audacious move by Cadbury the local shop boasts a prominent display of Crème and Mini Eggs! The good news is however that at least virtual stockings can be filled with the splendid new download of the much anticipated  No.2 album. Available from Amazon and I Tunes for £7.49 or $8.91, all nine tracks also available singularly for 89 pence or 99 cents.

 The cd version…

Frosty Belles and More Dogs Than You Shake A Stick For - Sounds like a weekend!

A good round trip through Continental Europe now put to bed, with  BB and Monty now back in the Derbyshire hills.

               To set the record straight, the low bass baton was actually passed back to Molly before the show in France last Friday.

             Many apologies for the inaccuracy in last weeks blog which concluded that Sven would be playing that one. It was due to fact I have been considering applying to write for the British national press recently and allowed the concept of, making up what you do not actually know, to run free!

              Still as they say "never let the truth get in the way of a good story".

         Anyway here below is some hard photographic evidence of Molly playing in Yutz.

            All this week's pictures courtesy of Blacky-Mage photographie.

            So suitably invigorated by some high quality French absinthe, one hopes, BB and LMJIII are set for another full and varied weekend.

            A Friday nig…

Sweet Lorraine

BB will be concluding their three nation tour of mainland Europe on Friday the 29th with a show at The Salle Bestien , situated at 2 Rue de La Rebublic in Yutz, France.

                       Yutz is situated close to Thionville in the Moselle department of Lorraine and easily accessed from many parts of France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

                      The show will also feature Lord Monty III and begins at 7pm.

                      The event arranged by the local steampunk group, The Collegium Temporis Vapori,  is being presented as a Victorian style gala evening and will include a buffet and if, not too much has been lost in  the translation from French, the option of the services of a hairdresser.

                   Tickets for the evening are from 25 Euros and available from

                     Afterwards Sven will return to Germany whilst Dale, Axel and Monty will be heading for a paddle ste…

Warm BB Beer In Land Of The Ice Cold Pils

Just a quickie this week to go live before BB take on three gigs in three days in Schleswig-Holstein.      After a marvellous event in Arnhem at the weekend BB headed north east to what must be considered their second homeland in Northern Germany. Arriving in plenty of time to enjoy or endure last night's England versus Germany football international, depending upon your persuasions.
                 One can only feel for Dale, being the solitary English representative, I am guessing even Karin was clinging to her South African routes and Monty questioning, how this can be football at all without helmets, pads and at least 44 team mates being involved.

                           Still we  digress, onto where BB are playing this week.

     Oh Yes, they do have some bottles of the BB BlackDog real ale with them as well. Not sure how well it may go down with palates accustomed to colder blonder beers, it is good exponent of English Ale though, so if you can, give …

Going Dutch!

Hope you managed to catch Dale's slot on vbnavradio last night, a really good relaxed interview, interspersed with a good helping of classic and new BB tunes. So Thanks to vbnavradio for that. A good music mix from the station generally, you can pick them up at Indeed immediately after Dale's departure last night we were reminded of more youthful years with "No Sheep Til Buxton" and "Beer and Sex and chips n gravy" a couple of "classics" from the infamous "Macc Lads" Dale of course had to shoot off to the The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End for his weekly open acoustic night. Whist we are talking Bulls Head, the special BB Blackdog brew, from the attached Shottle Farm Brewery is approaching readiness, so look out for that soon! Just a reminder that the weekly slot at The Bulls Head does not resume until Tuesday December 3rd now. The extremely plausible reason for the short break being, that Dale and Axel are he…

BB BlackDog, Live On The Night Of The BlackCats

Apologies to anyone who made the trip to The Pump And Truncheon in Blackpool last Saturday. The gig was, unfortunately cancelled, due to circumstances beyond someone's control. However no such problems on Friday in Doncaster and the gig prompted a rather nice review from Stu Tovell . Just the one BB show this week, indeed the last one scheduled for The UK until the first weekend in December. The Tramway on Chatsworth Road, part of Chesterfield's "Brampton Mile", provides the setting for a Halloween Night special. Continuing last week's theme of, great ale pubs, The Tramway is the nearby Brampton Brewery's Tap. Also on offer is a limited edition from The English Whiskey Co., so a little sad that, this is last show of the year that Lord Monty is not with us for. Activities move to "The Continent" for the month of November so here is a "head's up" of wher…

The Tour Of The Roses

Thanks to Captain Smurf, for his pictures taken at last weekend's Hastrek event.               What a great event it was at the weekend, let us hope that it transpires not to be, as billed, the last one.              Being the third appearance in front of the "Sonic Rock crowd", BB decided to change the focus this time around, with a punchier, more upbeat set.            Certainly the inclusion of "State Of Today" and the now familiar conga it entails, brought more than one comment of "well I've never seen one of those before at a gig". LMJIII leading the efforts, I believe for the first time.    Speaking of Lord Monty, it has been great seeing his "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" routines, seamlessly linking the BB sets at recent gigs.          The excellent news is, that whilst he is making his passage back to New Jersey this week, he will back for the next leg of Continental European shows in November and onwards throughout December in The …

"Hastrekking" Across............Central Derbyshire!

I don't care if you have "man flu" Dale. Play Faster!
                    One can only imagine, that this was the point when Jezebel Steele, burlesque performance artist took centre stage during the rendition of "You Know You Would" at The Matlock Bath Pavilion.

                                                 And homage to THE pink drum kit.  

                                           All pics . courtesy of Karin von Woerden.

    Apologies up front for brevity of content. All due to a decision at the residency from which the blog emanates from to undertake a "small" decorating project. Since this now feels as if it is entering it's second decade, it seems necessary to give a quick heads up on the forthcoming weekend's gigs

      So having found the end of an extension lead protruding from beneath a dust sheet offering electricity, here goes.

     Starting  with a gig at The George and Dragon in Belper, Derbyshire on Thursday Oct, 17th. Yes…

If This Is Sunday? It Must Be Cradley Heath!

Featured picture is from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party's cabinet re-shuffle, outside The Matlock Bath Pavilion, last Saturday, courtesy of Karen farrow.

          You will note that BB's very own Dale Rowles (aka Lieutenant Jagerschnitzel) is prominent within and the latest news from the conference, is that he will be a candidate for the party at the next general election, standing in one of the Derbyshire constituencies.

          Moving swiftly on since BB have a busy schedule for this coming week. Not sure if four gigs in as many days constitutes a tour, it is however four opportunities to catch BB with both Molly and Sven, before the latter returns to Germany at the beginning of next week.

         Should that not prove sufficient reason to "come on down", then in addition to that, all gigs will be augmented by the inimitable Lord montague Jaques Fromage III.

        First up on Thursday is a visit to The Snooty Fox on the bottom of Wakefiel…

Steampunks On The Loony Fringe

The time is almost upon us,when yellow and black rosettes will be mingling with be-goggled top hats, up and down The Matlock Bath Promenade.

            With the weather set to be fair for the weekend, the Steampunk Illuminata/Monster Raving Loony Party Conference, should be the ideal way of spending the weekend.

           Not to dwell on the details, since most of it was covered in the previous blog and timings are not yet finalised so keep a check on the event page at

           Let's just say that the ethos of the weekend should be, take one part satirical, existentialist political ideology, one part surrealist retro-futurism, add at least one part of the excellent local ale and mix well!

           Something a little special for BB fans, is that Sven will be sharing bass performances with Molly. Sven is the (almost unseen in the UK) fourth member, having not only played in Germany, but also been fully involved …

A Party (Political) Broadcast on Behalf of The Monster Raving Loony Party

Picture courtesy of Paintpictures Bilserwelten.

              Nothing on the breaking news front this week. So a little preview of what to expect from The Steampunk Illuminata/Monster Raving Loony Party Annual Conference on the last weekend in September, whilst there is still time available to book accommodation if you fancy coming along.

             The event is going to run from Friday the 27th through to the Sunday and is set in the Victorian splendour of Matlock Bath, in the heart of The Derbyshire Dales, on the northern gateway to The Derwent Valley World Heritage Site. The status being bestowed, for it's relevance as the area where the Industrial Revolution was begun. The market and shows all held in The Grand Pavilion.

           The village is well served by buses and The Derwent Valley Line train service. If you are planning a stay over some accommodation ideas have been added to the event page.

           A Steampunk and Curio Ma…

grape Head Fred

Slaying The Dragon This Saturday!

Absolutely love this photo of Molly and Dale, borrowed from Molly's new facebook page, set up under "Molly Monkey Face" , purely for her music/steampunk activities. It was only set up this week, so if you are browsing, pop in and give her a "like".

                    So to this coming Saturday the 7th and a short trip down to The George and Dragon on Bridge Street in Belper.

               This is set be an extended show, featuring a full BB performance plus a solo session from Dale along with some musings and crowd participation numbers from that most renowned of colonials, Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III.

               With a few games thrown in for good measure the intention is to create a party atmosphere and all for free! Underway at five and running through to eleven.

               You have probably noticed how popular regional twining events have become these days and the self forged version, fashioned by BB and "Skorbut&qu…

OK - So It's Back In The Box Again.

BB should have been at "Out The Box" Festival on Sunday, however the whole event has now been cancelled.

      Not sure what the reason for the cancellation is, shame though, looked like a nice event to round the festival season off with.

      This week's pictures are courtesy of Michael Meister, taken at last Saturday's Reloaded Festival at Bad Segeberg. Really good turnout and both BB and Skorbut well received.

Dale with his Skorbut hat on. Was it really that big? and Axel in pirate mode. Yes there is definitely a blacked out tooth! More good news from Germany, that the final mixing for the album is complete, just awaiting the artwork now. One live show for this coming weekend on Saturday night at The Red Lion in Fritchley, a small Derbyshire village situated between, Crich and Ambergate. Lord Montague Jaques Fromage will be flying in from The States again next week in time to join up with BB for the music and beer festival at The George and Dragon in Belp…

BB BlackDog and The Scurvy Pirates

Really brief blog this week, due to circumstances beyond control.

          Just a reminder for everyone that BB are playing The Lindenhof Reloaded Festival this Saturday the 24th.

          A superb chance to see BB and Skorbut on the same bill, with Dale and Axel doubling up for both sets.

         The festival is at Lockschuppen in Bad Segeberg, on Bahnhofstrasse very handily positioned close to both bus and train stations.

         The show begins at 2pm, with the bands playing outside, which is not a problem, with sunny weather forecast for Northern Germany. Other bands on the bill include Santicatee, Verity Absurd and Black Mountain Yetis. Action moves indoors at ten, with dj,s taking over.

          Tickets are 12 euros (you would think by now UK keyboards include the Euro sign!) from

         This is a one off in Germany for now, BB will not be back until close to the end of the year.

         UK fans will proba…

BB Blackdog-He's Such A Scary Psychedelic Dog!

Firstly,apologies to anyone who was expecting BB at The Packhorse in Leeds, last Thursday.
Sadly BB had to cancel late, due to an ailment befalling Dale. It must have been bad, in the two years I have known the band, there has never been a previous cancellation and both Dale and Axel have been pretty rough upon occasions.

          Hopefully a date in Leeds, in the not too distant future.

         Dale did recover sufficiently to fulfil the rest of the weekend. Not the biggest crowd they have ever had at The Sitwell on Friday, good show though. A nice new Steampunk event in Stamford on Saturday and a pleasant laid back Sunday Dale solo spot at The Barley Mow.

         No performances this weekend so a chance for some recovery time, before travelling to Germany for the Lindenhof Reloaded Festival on the 24th, where they will be reunited with Sven on low bass, which should be the cue for airing some of the new material.


Busy Busy B(B)

A splendid weekend just gone with great gigs in Belper and LLanfyllin. The party going on late into the night at the latter and already talk of same time, same place, next year.

               The potential exists for another great weekend coming up, with a busy and varied four day schedule in place.

               The weekend starts early with a trip to The Packhorse in Leeds on Thursday the 8th. The night is billed under "Not Going To Gigs Is Killing Live Music", an applaudable title, though possibly a little difficult to say after a few pints of Yorkshire Ales.

              BB are the bills headliners and have been brought together with a couple of punk bands. The fairly melodic punk of Brighton three piece Dirt Royal and local ska/reggae/dub/punk/soul band The Olive Branch.

              The Packhorse is on Woodhouse Lane LS2,  within an easy walk of the centre, about a mile from Millennium Square. Bus routes 1,6,28,56,95 and 97 also pass. The venue is o…

The Phoenix Rises Again......

Picture of BB courtesy of Chris Maddocks' post to Pentrich Rock and Blues Custom Show.

               Molly and Rachel's picture courtesy of Keith Knowles.

             Another great BB show at another great Rock and Blues. Two low bass players, three dancers, brilliant sunshine and probably the biggest crowd of the weekend for Platform 15.

             All proceeded by an excellent set from Metropolis, sounding a little punchier than usual on the day.

             First picture shows Mike heading off for one of his audience strolls for possible the last time. Pentrich was Mike's last scheduled show with BB, as he heads off to pastures new with "Engraved In Blood". So Thanks again to Mike for well over a century of gigs and all the best with the new project.

            Not to rule out a guest return, should the stars align.

            So in with the new and Molly taking some of the low bass duties on Saturday as well as throwing some dance moves along…

When I met you, by BB BlackDog, live Steampunk at Sonic Rock Solstice.

School's Out For Summer!

Oh Yes, it's time for that institution known simply as "Rock and Blues". It has been around in a few different guises for over a quarter of a century now. Reaching it's zenith in the early part of this new millennium when numbers were around the 30,000 mark.

           This years event will see only about 10% of those crowd figures, which going by last year's event makes for a nice compact site and a great friendly atmosphere. Another plus is that the Derbyshire weather looks set to make it even hotter than last year.

           BB's slot is on The Platform 15 outdoor stage at 1.40pm on the Saturday afternoon and will involve dancers. Metropolis are also forming part of this Steampunk slot. Not certain what the exact plans are yet and I guess it will not unfold completely until Saturday, should be bang on though, with almost two hours allocated.

          The set sits neatly in between, the stunt flying display and the parade and prize presentat…

Age of steam by BB BlackDog and Steampunk Funk Bizarre live at Sonic Roc...

Now Available On TheXX Sorry In The Black Market

Picture courtesy of Laurine Clifford Photography.

    Thought we had better have a shot of Mike, this week, since it is his home town swansong with BB on Saturday the 20th.

    BB will be playing The Black Market at Market Warsop near Mansfield on Saturday, so come and give Mike a big send off. It will also be a chance to catch his forthcoming replacement Molly who will be also be throwing a few dance moves.

     An extensive 2 set show being planned for the occasion and surprises and guests in the offing.
The small stage is being green screened for the night, so throw on your glad rags and get in on the act.

    Running hot and late this week so just a couple of mentions for the near future.

    Next week it is the Rock and Blues Old School Weekender near Pentrich in Derbyshire, a really great festival, upsized in capacity a little this year and with the addition of a third stage.

    The first weekend of August brings a home to…

One Man Went To Mow!

And that man is BB's very own Dale Rowles, who will be playing a solo slot from four until six, this Sunday afternoon, July 14th, at The Barley Mow in Bonsall, Derbyshire.

             BB will not now be playing The Steamboat at Trent Lock on Saturday the 13th.

             Yes, Dale undertaking a solo performance, the first of what is set to become a fairly regular gig at the excellent Barley Mow. The pub is reaching almost legendary status locally, for many reasons and not the least of them, it's superb local real ales, which rather splendidly are available at £2.50 a pint during the period of the gig.

            The pub really is a hidden gem, sitting in a small valley, behind Matlock Bath. No public transport on Sunday, with the weather set fair for the area however, a walk up from The Derwent Valley is quite do-able from Matlock, Cromford or a little steeper Matlock Bath.

           As mentioned last week, a show on Saturday the 20th at The Black Market in …

Why, by BB BlackDog, Live Steampunk at the Sonic Rock Solstice

Sun, Beer and BB

Yes all the best ingredients for a great summer's day and add that to a fantastic vista of Derbyshire's lower dales as seen from The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End and there may be no better place to be on Saturday 6th.

       The forecast is for 25C plus, so don't miss this year's summer!

       It all kicks off around two in the afternoon, with some light hearted games and some acoustic sets including Stu Robinson and Dale.

      Later in the day Lord Monty the Third, who rather delightfully extended has extended his stay, will be adding a little of his very own "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" glitz and BB will be throwing in a full set.

      That great British, Japanese tradition the karaoke will be around to fill up the gaps. Always entertaining as day turns to night and those who threw in a passable rendition of something earlier, return after additional refreshment to prove that after a certain level of imbibement, you cannot carry a tune in a bucket.