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BB Blackdog- Exile A Long Way From Main Street

Picture courtesy of Dark Wolf Photograpy

   Yes it is actually Gladstone on stage, just love the picture taken at The Steampunk Summer Solstice.

   Apologies for lateness and brief nature of this week's blog, where does tempus fugit to.

    Two more damp outings last week in the end, at MoFest and after Ashley Hay didn;t work out, a late booking on the Sunday for Angels And Demons Festival at The Steamboat in Sawley.

   So onwards and upwards, another festival appearance on Friday, it is July on Sunday, maybe the weather will change, still time for a 76esque two months yet.

   It is to The Belper Exile Festival on Friday, a highly regarded and growing event, to which the band are headlining. The site opens at 1pm, with music from 6.30, Dave Everitt opening, followed by Waking Vegas, Haiku Salut and Bluebird Parade. Tickets are £20 for the evenning or £55 for the weekend which runs all through Saturday and until 5pm on the Sunday.Camping included in weekend tickets.

  The festiva…

BB Blackdog- Hay Mo, Where you Going With That OS Map In Your Hand

Pictures courtesy of Laurine Clifford Photography

                Picture courtesy of William F Thorneye                                                                                                                                                       
What a special day Saturday turned out to be at The Steampunk Summer Solstice.
            So illness caused the loss of Harriet and the weather accounted for Moth, the steam engine, fair ground rides and games.
       That aside everything else was superb and a big thank you to all the  performers, organisers, traders and attendees, who in terrific British fashion did not allow the inclemency of the weather, to get in the way of a damned good time.
   The pace and quality of the music and dancing excelled all day and a special mention to DH Lawrence and The Vauderville Skiffle Show, for stepping in late and treating the crowd to a set of pyscho skiffle through to lo fi folk/country.
   With old school Steampunks m…

BB Blackdog-At The Steampunk Summer Solstice

Apologies for being late to print this week. Especially on a week which brings forth the biggest happening of the Steampunk year so far.

   Great shows last week at Sutton, Wakefield and Birmingham, if sadly the inclemancy of the weather kept numbers down a little.

    So let's have a look at what Saturday has on offer for the discerning Steampunk or indeed for anyone with an interest in what will be occuring.

  The main stage, in front of The Rockface itself, features a headlining set from BB Blackdog and kicks off at 2pm. The event site opens at 11.45am

    Support comes from Northamptonshire's Gladstone a Steampunk band with their own growing reputation.

   Moth, based in London bring a mellower feel to the proceedings, with a good selection of recordings behind, now looking to widen their live performances.

   The fourth Steampunk band are the recently forged from previous incarnations, Crimson Clocks who played with BB blackdog last weekend in their home city of Birm…

BB Blackdog-Panic on the streets of Wakefield, Sutton In Ashfield and Birmingham

Picture Live at The Kings Head, Duffield last Saturday. Courtesy of Laura Kate Bradley.

   An excellent, rather long Bank Holiday weekend was enjoyed by the band,  well received at all the venues, just the one disappointment, on the Sunday when torrential rain stopped play at the Wirksworth Carnival show was cancelled.

   The busy schedule continues through the coming weekend too, with shows at three prestigious venues
    A Thursday evenning outing at The Diamond in Sutton In Ashfield begins an early weekend. Demolitia Tribal is gathering many dancers to perform belly and burlesque styles, to provide the visual impact. In the audio department, support for the night comes from Dead City Ruins, so it should be a good one.
   The venue is on Stoney Street, arrived at by exiting theA38 onto the B6022(Station Road towards the town), after Domino's, right onto Forest Street which becomes Outram St. and right after The Gurkha's inn. The Trent Barton Nines buses service close by,…