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It's The End Of The World As We Know It( And I Feel Fine)

Could not resist the humorous take on Friday, shared by Gordon Stoker courtesy of an Austrian page entitled Athiesm. Since the prophecies of a people who did not forsee the coming of The Spanish Conquistadors should probably not to be overly trusted, a more festive offering from the BB archive. If you wondering what Mr. J Ferguson is up to now, more later.

        A quick reminder of the show with Montague Jaques Fromage III at The South Sea in Broomhill, Sheffield tonight, details in last weeks edition.

        Six more dates lined up to conclude 2012 on 118 gigs! Although, all remaining shows are of course, subject to the world not ending on Friday.

       On Friday BB and MJFIII head north a little to The Black Swan, Bradford, which is on Thornton Road, serviced by the615/6 bus from Bradford Interchange. The bill for the night is completed by local bluesman Ben "Blue" Waters.

       I suppose, it is one not to be missed, after all, if the Mayans transpire to be …

And The Full Monty(gue Jaques Fromage show)

Some more of the green screen competition entries, which are being used to promote upcoming shows and one of Montague, showing his British support. Yes the enigmatic Montague Jaques Fromage returns to these shores for a short visit, arriving from The States today. He will be joining BB in a busy period leading up to Christmas for five shows, six if the final touches can be put to plans for an outing in Nottingham, before taking the airship back to The Colonies on Christmas Eve. First off,(This Sunday) should be a good night, at what has to go down as Dale's local. An early start at eight should have the business concluded for ten, to allow for an early bed or to join the party which is likely to ensue later.The show is also going to be recorded, potentially for a live cd. The venue is The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End, well known locally for it's real ales, including some brewed by the landlord. Belper Lane End is about a mile from Belper town centre, so a fairly cheap cab ri…

It's Dogging Night On saturday!

One outing for the band this coming weekend as part of the DogFest at another home venue, The Black Market at Market Warsop near Mansfield, Notts. This being Mike's home town. The all day event runs 12 until 12 on Saturday the 8th.

        Along with BB are Ferocious Dog, a six piece folk/rock band, who are local to the area and Gaz Brookfield, from Bristol, who has been opening for The Levellers on their recent tour, dancing is courtesy of Demolitia and crew plus the pyrotechnic Hell On High Heelz duo.

       Admission for the day is £5 and is available on the door. Full line up and details at!/events/400416679995269/

       Quick reminder of the other big event before Christmas, which is The Steampunk Christmas Special at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on the 22nd and with numbers growing for this, if you wish to attend, could you confirm your intentions by joining the event at!/events/41328158871856…