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BB Blackdog ''Good Times with the White Rose''

  Sounds as though a good time was had by all last weekend in Yorkshire, certainly looked a good turn out for the Saltaire Steampunk gathering, both in numbers and splendidness of appearance, Saltaire looking resplendent as a location.

   Good comments from the private party at Sowerby Bridge on the Saturday too.

    No activity on the playing front this weekend,with no appearance at the Whitby, Spring Goth and Steampunk weekend this time around, however i do believe a social visit is intended for Saturday.

     All the best to good friends Gladstone making their Whitby debut, playing Steampunk Central at The Rifle Club on the Friday.

   Writing now, with torrents of water flowing down the window, here in Derbyshire, awaiting the band of rain moving up from the South, seems an excellent time to give a brief mention to some of the outdoor stuff the band are involved with, now that spring is in the air!

   On the Steampunk horizon and whilst not strictly outdoors, good weather defin…

BB Blackdog And A Little West Riding(hood)

Band mascot, Steam Vader, overseeing proceedings at Derby last Saturday.

   Two appearances this week, both in Yorkshire's West Riding. Firstly on Friday at The Caroline Street Social, Saltaire Village. This will be the start of, the model village near Shipley's, heritage weekend celebrations. Support comes in the form of Ovibus exponents of 10th to 13th Century music.
Also a little opener from Steve Huison, better known as an actor and whilst i did not recognize the name i am certain you will go "oh yes he was in" when you see him.
   The venue is only 3 minutes walk from Saltaire railway station.

   The festival itself continues over the weekend and will be a steampunk meeting place. For details see 

   The second show is at The Works, Hollins Mill Lane, Sowerby Bridge on Saturday night, again within a very easy walk of the local rail stop.

   Looking back at last weekend, some good…

BB Blackdog- Back in the UK. Back in the UK. Back in the UK Ooh Ahh

Just a quickie this week, since time is flying by. So..... with apologies for being a little shy on content, moving on.

   Nice to have the band  back, all rested up and ready for the fray!

   Three shows this week, all reunited with the dancing of Demolitia Tribal. All new venues.

  Nice little trip to the Capital first up on Friday, playing at The Archangel on Kensington High Street, close to the tube station of the same name, a great chance to see a fuller set for anyone who enjoyed the Antichrist gig last month.

   Saturday it is back up to Derby and the Regional Final of Live And Unsigned at The Riverside Centre on Pride Park, a short walk from Derby Rail or a 111 bus from Corporation Street. No details available regarding who else will be competing and whilst i appreciate the merits of such competitions fall under some scrutiny, the potential rewards for this one are pretty good. I know the guys will have some support with them, and indeed part of which will be Steampunks, b…

BB Blackdog- Fly-driving home for Easter

Picture courtesy of Margeurite Ryback

    Picture taken at Anomaly in Denver last week.

    Bit of a slow news blog this week, whilst the band travel back from The States. Even in these days of ethernet, no real feedback from the weekend in Texas. No surprise really, i know the chaps had the long drive back to Denver to catch the flight back. All due to the absurdities of modern travel. It was cheaper on the Airship for a round trip to Denver, than for singles!

   One thing for definite is that they will be visiting the U.S. again next year, if indeed not later this year.

   Having had a little ethernet surf, it becomes evident that, the scope is certainly there for BB Blackdog, i think therabouts each state has a Steampunk convention or fair of it's own.

   It will be interesting to catch up with the band, to see how the shows compare with UK events. First appearances suggest that the Americans do explore the whole literature, p…