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BB Blackdog-In The Lone Star State

Picture courtesy of Alan Sperry & Mile High Feedback

    Well here we are in Texas, and with a three piece about to take to the stage two beard sporting bass players and a beardless drummer - Ladies and Gentlemen it must be no...BB Blackdog.

   I do recall ZZ Top touring Europe many years ago with a Texas shaped stage. Whilst it was considered to return the favour, it transpires, due to a highly complex mathematical equation, that a combination of Derbyshire and Schleswig-Holsteien results in a perfect rectangle anyway.

   So exciting performances and appreciatve receptions all round in Colorado and thanks again to Marguerite and The Great Plains Steampunks for looking after the guys.

   Following  a drive Southwards and Eastwards akin to one of those road movies, the band arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth where they are due to meet up with The Steampunk Illumination Society.

   From there it is onwards to the East Texas city of Jefferson, recognised as being the state'…

BB Blackdog - One Mile High

Two big pieces of news coming out of The Mile High City today, star NFL quaterback Peyton Manning has signed for The Broncos and BB Blackdog touched down at Denver airport.

   Incidentally, and since curiosity got the better of me ,downtown Denver, actually is exactly one mile above sea level.

   So, what is the agenda? Firstly a Thursday evening gig at The Rock and Soul Cafe 5290 Arapahoe Avenue, up in Boulder, a city, if you've read the fully restored version of Stephen King's The Stand, you will feel you actually spent a year of your life in. Admission $8 advance $10 on the door.

   Saturday is the headlining slot at Anomaly Con, Denver's steampunk convention held at The Tivoli students union buildings on the Auraria campus.

   It is an early show, so please check programming when you arrive. The musical bill will be on the outside stage and also contains Unwoman (Erica Mulkey) solo cello/vocals from San Francisco who has also played with leading US steampunks Abney…

BB Blackdog......and the operator says twenty cents more...

Some excellent comments picked up from the Club Antichrist Show on Friday and for anyone in and around London, you will not have to wait too long before they are back, April 13(whoops, that is a Friday) at The Archangel on Kensington High Street.

   The following night, i think fair too say, a good time had by all at the "Charity Horror Ball" at The Black Market.

   No live outings this week as the band ready themselves to set sail for the new world (well OK a flight to Denver).

   Talking of sailing and once again BB Blackdog beset by the lack of the plain version. It transpires the booker in The States thought his assistant had sorted some extra gigs and his assistant thought the reverse, or something. All leaving Dale dialling long distance, to try and pick up some late slots! So if anyone within reasonable distance of Colorado/Texas knows of a venue, give Dale a shout on

   On the good news front," What You Need" is edging it's …

BB Blackdog-with-Buckets and Spades, Whips and Chains,Fangs and Stakes

An excellent week, just passed, saw a splendidly eclactic gathering at The Eagle in Heage where along with BB Blackdog's unique brand of steampunk, two more fine performances were given of heavy metal by 3 Second Fuse and jazz tinted blues by The Cubists.

   A highly popular return to Derby's Sitwell Tavern Friday and a good  debut at The Barge in Long Eaton Saturday rounded out the weekend and if it was all close to home, the same cannot be said for the coming week.

   A trip to the Lancastrian coastline on Thursday, fires off an early start to the weekend, with an appearance at Blackpool's premier music venue, The Blue Room on Church Street, a  mere five minutes stroll from Blackpool North station and with admission at just one pound, a grand oppurtunity for North Western followers to catch their first glimpse of the band with new dancer Demolitia Tribal.

   Something really different for Friday night into Saturday morning at the Club Colosseum, London, in very close…