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Sweet Lorraine

BB will be concluding their three nation tour of mainland Europe on Friday the 29th with a show at The Salle Bestien , situated at 2 Rue de La Rebublic in Yutz, France.

                       Yutz is situated close to Thionville in the Moselle department of Lorraine and easily accessed from many parts of France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

                      The show will also feature Lord Monty III and begins at 7pm.

                      The event arranged by the local steampunk group, The Collegium Temporis Vapori,  is being presented as a Victorian style gala evening and will include a buffet and if, not too much has been lost in  the translation from French, the option of the services of a hairdresser.

                   Tickets for the evening are from 25 Euros and available from

                     Afterwards Sven will return to Germany whilst Dale, Axel and Monty will be heading for a paddle ste…

Warm BB Beer In Land Of The Ice Cold Pils

Just a quickie this week to go live before BB take on three gigs in three days in Schleswig-Holstein.      After a marvellous event in Arnhem at the weekend BB headed north east to what must be considered their second homeland in Northern Germany. Arriving in plenty of time to enjoy or endure last night's England versus Germany football international, depending upon your persuasions.
                 One can only feel for Dale, being the solitary English representative, I am guessing even Karin was clinging to her South African routes and Monty questioning, how this can be football at all without helmets, pads and at least 44 team mates being involved.

                           Still we  digress, onto where BB are playing this week.

     Oh Yes, they do have some bottles of the BB BlackDog real ale with them as well. Not sure how well it may go down with palates accustomed to colder blonder beers, it is good exponent of English Ale though, so if you can, give …

Going Dutch!

Hope you managed to catch Dale's slot on vbnavradio last night, a really good relaxed interview, interspersed with a good helping of classic and new BB tunes. So Thanks to vbnavradio for that. A good music mix from the station generally, you can pick them up at Indeed immediately after Dale's departure last night we were reminded of more youthful years with "No Sheep Til Buxton" and "Beer and Sex and chips n gravy" a couple of "classics" from the infamous "Macc Lads" Dale of course had to shoot off to the The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End for his weekly open acoustic night. Whist we are talking Bulls Head, the special BB Blackdog brew, from the attached Shottle Farm Brewery is approaching readiness, so look out for that soon! Just a reminder that the weekly slot at The Bulls Head does not resume until Tuesday December 3rd now. The extremely plausible reason for the short break being, that Dale and Axel are he…