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Low Blow by BB BlackDog

Music Promo video by BB BlackDog to "Low Blow" from our new album "No Two" NOW AVAILABLE!

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Music by BB BlackDog

Yule Be Ready For A Ball Then!

So what is occurring in the world of The BlackDog?

           When this blog was begun yesterday, the answer was a little different, some unexpected news having just broken leading to the insertion of this paragraph, so having wetted appetites, please read on.

        Well it has been a farrow period as a full band, however Dale has been playing some solo slots,including a first solo tour in Europe.

   In the UK Molly has been joining him upon occasions supplying some vocals and pounding a Cajon Drum,

      Molly has also been playing and singing locally with members of Matlock's Little Dog.

We have a little travelouge of Dale's Continental exploits to recount, before that though a quick gander into the next couple of weeks.

      This coming Saturday the 13th Dale and Molly will be making the lengthy jaunt down to Exeter with Lord Montagues Jaques Fromage III, who joined Dale in Germany after his sojourn back in The US.

     The trip is for The…