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My Theory About Festivals by Ann Elk (Miss)

Hard to believe that it's festival time again. With the mercury set to rise this week in the UK, it could not be better timing though.

          For BB the season kicks off at Bearded Theory over the coming Bank Holiday weekend.

           It will be hard to match the scorching temperature at last year's Bearded Theory, when BB brought the curtain down on the entire proceedings on the "Locked Inn" stage, just maybe that was too hot!

          There is a venue change for the 2014 event, moving a few miles down the A38 to Catton Hall, also home to Bloodstock, later in the year. It remains Derbyshire, although if someone pointed you in the right direction, you could probably flight a false beard into Staffs from the site.

         BB are set to play "The Locked In The Woods" stage this year, at a time as yet to be confirmed on the Saturday. They share the stage with a mixed genre line up from the psychedelic Electric Brains to the new wave punk of …