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A Rough Guide To Europe (Steampunkam Style)

A splendid time had by all during at last months short tour with The Big Fibbers and Dale with a particularly large and receptive crowd at The Bulls Head.

          Nothing planned for February, so with The Big Fibbers safely back in London, plenty of time for livers to recover.

          With a quiet month ahead, a little time to reflect upon Dale's solo tour of Europe last November.

         What would have been an uneventful drive to Amsterdam, was somewhat marred by a ferry booking error, in so much as they were expected at Dunkirk to travel to Dover!

         Ho hey! Nothing that a little time and a £55 administration charge will not fix!

         After a short stop over in Amsterdam meeting Karin's relations for a family wedding it is onwards to Bad Segeberg to pick up Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III and take a little time out to catch up with Sven.
       The first gig proper ( there was an impromptu solo slot for family and friends back in Amsterdam), was t…