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Psychedelic Steampunks (Disappear In Smoke)

A January fraught with varying illnesses within the band finally draws to end. Axel arrived back in the UK on Monday, with his old drum kit and last remaining bits of German based sound equpment, following close behind. Dale has made a few tweeks to his old Rickenbacker and all his set, for the first show of the year, this Saturday 2nd February. Which will see Steampunks rubbing shoulders with the Psychedelic/Space Rock fraternity at The Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath. Seven piece Space Rockers Dr. Hasbeen, who have been treading the boards for the best part of twenty years will be taking the headlining slot at this year opener. The remainder of the bill is most of "The Steampunk dream Ticket" bands lead by BB, destined to take the stage at 8.30. Preceeding that in the early evening Black Country Steampunks "Birthrite" and making the long journey from Bury St.Edmunds "Metropolis" will be putting the crowd through their paces. In the later afternoon the d…

Pulling At The Leash- Ready To Play!!

January almost over, Blue Monday behind us and a slight thaw in the big freeze, here in The North of England at least.

 So time to dust off those goggles and set the compass for the first small batch of gigs around the home area, before the band decamp to "The States" for the propensity of March.

BB are to play two of the major U S Steampunk Conventions, Wild Wild Con2, Tuscon Arizona over the second weekend of March and Anomaly Con3, Denver Colorado on the last weekend.

 Gigs to keep the guys "focused" inbetween are being arranged and if anyone knows of any venues, within reasonable distance of Tucson/Denver looking for a top Anglo/Germanic Steampunk band, please contact via the Facebook page

Soon after their return it will be "The Day Of The Dog" for which tickets will shortly be available. Many Thanks to Libby Chatfield for generating the flyer for this event, shown at the top of the blog.

As a reminder thi…

Every Dog Has It's Day

First up this week, is the breaking news that a BB equipment replacing fund raising event has been announced. This will hence forth be known as "The Day Of The Dog" and will take place at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath on Saturday April 13th.

         Thanks to The Fishpond for venue use and to the artists, Birthrite, Crimson Clocks, Gladstone, Metropolis, Whiskey Bob Shaker and 3 Second Fuse, also Ted Edwards, for sound provision, all of whom have donated their collectively brilliant talents.

         Additionally BB are going to play themselves, dancing is being assembled, some special moments are being formulated and one more band may be joining in.

         With the setting being Matlock Bath, the event should attract both local fans and the wider Steampunk community to what is undeniably becoming a "must" area to visit.

        Since, due to the event being a little distance hence and funding desired sooner rather than later, coupled to the very real …

And Life Goes On (You Know It Aint Easy)

Well firstly, wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year, a year bereft of Olympics or Jubilees, how will we fill our days? I feel sure we will all cope. It already looks a great year for live music events on varying scales of grandeuer, lets hope the weather has made a resolution,to smile a little more.

      February brings us the Year Of The Snake, indeed to be precise, The Water Snake, noted as quite motivated and intellectual, very determined and resolute about success. So here's to hoping.

      One last mention of snakes, this time in human form, to those who saw fit in the early hours of Saturday the 22nd of December, to break into the BB mobile and remove all from within. Two drum kits, the basses, sound system, even the songbook, Demolitia's personnal dance items, merchandising and more. Equipment worth not only in excess of £20,000 but immeasurably more in the value placed upon the items by the four concerned.

      It has been my privilege and …