The Tour Of The Roses


Thanks to Captain Smurf, for his pictures taken at last weekend's Hastrek event.
              What a great event it was at the weekend, let us hope that it transpires not to be, as billed, the last one. 
            Being the third appearance in front of the "Sonic Rock crowd", BB decided to change the focus this time around, with a punchier, more upbeat set.
           Certainly the inclusion of "State Of Today" and the now familiar conga it entails, brought more than one comment of "well I've never seen one of those before at a gig".
LMJIII leading the efforts, I believe for the first time.
   Speaking of Lord Monty, it has been great seeing his "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" routines, seamlessly linking the BB sets at recent gigs.
         The excellent news is, that whilst he is making his passage back to New Jersey this week, he will back for the next leg of Continental European shows in November and onwards throughout December in The UK.
         On the subject of triumphant returns, Molly was back on full low bass duties over the weekend.
      This Friday, The 25th, see's BB back at The Cask Corner Dive Bar on Cleveland Street, in the heart of Doncaster.
This was the venue for Molly's full debut, just four and a half months ago.
It is a superb venue, plenty of fine ales and last time out a fantastic crowd, making for a delightful gig.
       On Saturday BB cross The Pennines for a gig in Blackpool, not unfamiliar to BB as a town, a new venue though, at The pump and Truncheon, one block back from The Promenade on Bonny Street, just behind  The Tussauds Wax Museum.
        The pub was the only building in it's part of town to survive "The Great Fire Of Blackpool" back in the thirties and it keeps it's old style charm today. Oh yes, more fine ales available. A Yorkshire versus Lancashire beer contest for the weekend. mmmm!
One last item which may be of interest to those of you living in and around Derbyshire. The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End, have launched a weekly acoustic sessions night on Tuesdays, with non other than Dale as host.
All musical styles welcome, just turn and play, free pint for performers. The Bulls Head also maintains this weeks fine ales theme, having it's very own Shottle Farm Brewery on site.


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