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When I met you, by BB BlackDog, live Steampunk at Sonic Rock Solstice.

School's Out For Summer!

Oh Yes, it's time for that institution known simply as "Rock and Blues". It has been around in a few different guises for over a quarter of a century now. Reaching it's zenith in the early part of this new millennium when numbers were around the 30,000 mark.

           This years event will see only about 10% of those crowd figures, which going by last year's event makes for a nice compact site and a great friendly atmosphere. Another plus is that the Derbyshire weather looks set to make it even hotter than last year.

           BB's slot is on The Platform 15 outdoor stage at 1.40pm on the Saturday afternoon and will involve dancers. Metropolis are also forming part of this Steampunk slot. Not certain what the exact plans are yet and I guess it will not unfold completely until Saturday, should be bang on though, with almost two hours allocated.

          The set sits neatly in between, the stunt flying display and the parade and prize presentat…

Age of steam by BB BlackDog and Steampunk Funk Bizarre live at Sonic Roc...

Now Available On TheXX Sorry In The Black Market

Picture courtesy of Laurine Clifford Photography.

    Thought we had better have a shot of Mike, this week, since it is his home town swansong with BB on Saturday the 20th.

    BB will be playing The Black Market at Market Warsop near Mansfield on Saturday, so come and give Mike a big send off. It will also be a chance to catch his forthcoming replacement Molly who will be also be throwing a few dance moves.

     An extensive 2 set show being planned for the occasion and surprises and guests in the offing.
The small stage is being green screened for the night, so throw on your glad rags and get in on the act.

    Running hot and late this week so just a couple of mentions for the near future.

    Next week it is the Rock and Blues Old School Weekender near Pentrich in Derbyshire, a really great festival, upsized in capacity a little this year and with the addition of a third stage.

    The first weekend of August brings a home to…

One Man Went To Mow!

And that man is BB's very own Dale Rowles, who will be playing a solo slot from four until six, this Sunday afternoon, July 14th, at The Barley Mow in Bonsall, Derbyshire.

             BB will not now be playing The Steamboat at Trent Lock on Saturday the 13th.

             Yes, Dale undertaking a solo performance, the first of what is set to become a fairly regular gig at the excellent Barley Mow. The pub is reaching almost legendary status locally, for many reasons and not the least of them, it's superb local real ales, which rather splendidly are available at £2.50 a pint during the period of the gig.

            The pub really is a hidden gem, sitting in a small valley, behind Matlock Bath. No public transport on Sunday, with the weather set fair for the area however, a walk up from The Derwent Valley is quite do-able from Matlock, Cromford or a little steeper Matlock Bath.

           As mentioned last week, a show on Saturday the 20th at The Black Market in …

Why, by BB BlackDog, Live Steampunk at the Sonic Rock Solstice

Sun, Beer and BB

Yes all the best ingredients for a great summer's day and add that to a fantastic vista of Derbyshire's lower dales as seen from The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End and there may be no better place to be on Saturday 6th.

       The forecast is for 25C plus, so don't miss this year's summer!

       It all kicks off around two in the afternoon, with some light hearted games and some acoustic sets including Stu Robinson and Dale.

      Later in the day Lord Monty the Third, who rather delightfully extended has extended his stay, will be adding a little of his very own "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" glitz and BB will be throwing in a full set.

      That great British, Japanese tradition the karaoke will be around to fill up the gaps. Always entertaining as day turns to night and those who threw in a passable rendition of something earlier, return after additional refreshment to prove that after a certain level of imbibement, you cannot carry a tune in a bucket.