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Steampunks On The Loony Fringe

The time is almost upon us,when yellow and black rosettes will be mingling with be-goggled top hats, up and down The Matlock Bath Promenade.

            With the weather set to be fair for the weekend, the Steampunk Illuminata/Monster Raving Loony Party Conference, should be the ideal way of spending the weekend.

           Not to dwell on the details, since most of it was covered in the previous blog and timings are not yet finalised so keep a check on the event page at

           Let's just say that the ethos of the weekend should be, take one part satirical, existentialist political ideology, one part surrealist retro-futurism, add at least one part of the excellent local ale and mix well!

           Something a little special for BB fans, is that Sven will be sharing bass performances with Molly. Sven is the (almost unseen in the UK) fourth member, having not only played in Germany, but also been fully involved …

A Party (Political) Broadcast on Behalf of The Monster Raving Loony Party

Picture courtesy of Paintpictures Bilserwelten.

              Nothing on the breaking news front this week. So a little preview of what to expect from The Steampunk Illuminata/Monster Raving Loony Party Annual Conference on the last weekend in September, whilst there is still time available to book accommodation if you fancy coming along.

             The event is going to run from Friday the 27th through to the Sunday and is set in the Victorian splendour of Matlock Bath, in the heart of The Derbyshire Dales, on the northern gateway to The Derwent Valley World Heritage Site. The status being bestowed, for it's relevance as the area where the Industrial Revolution was begun. The market and shows all held in The Grand Pavilion.

           The village is well served by buses and The Derwent Valley Line train service. If you are planning a stay over some accommodation ideas have been added to the event page.

           A Steampunk and Curio Ma…

grape Head Fred

Slaying The Dragon This Saturday!

Absolutely love this photo of Molly and Dale, borrowed from Molly's new facebook page, set up under "Molly Monkey Face" , purely for her music/steampunk activities. It was only set up this week, so if you are browsing, pop in and give her a "like".

                    So to this coming Saturday the 7th and a short trip down to The George and Dragon on Bridge Street in Belper.

               This is set be an extended show, featuring a full BB performance plus a solo session from Dale along with some musings and crowd participation numbers from that most renowned of colonials, Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III.

               With a few games thrown in for good measure the intention is to create a party atmosphere and all for free! Underway at five and running through to eleven.

               You have probably noticed how popular regional twining events have become these days and the self forged version, fashioned by BB and "Skorbut&qu…