Steampunks On The Loony Fringe

            The time is almost upon us,when yellow and black rosettes will be mingling with be-goggled top hats, up and down The Matlock Bath Promenade.

            With the weather set to be fair for the weekend, the Steampunk Illuminata/Monster Raving Loony Party Conference, should be the ideal way of spending the weekend.

           Not to dwell on the details, since most of it was covered in the previous blog and timings are not yet finalised so keep a check on the event page at

           Let's just say that the ethos of the weekend should be, take one part satirical, existentialist political ideology, one part surrealist retro-futurism, add at least one part of the excellent local ale and mix well!

           Something a little special for BB fans, is that Sven will be sharing bass performances with Molly. Sven is the (almost unseen in the UK) fourth member, having not only played in Germany, but also been fully involved in the latest studio sessions including the production.

           I say almost unseen, since he was with BB earlier this week for a midweek gig at The Black Market. Not to worry if you missed this due to it being a school night, BB are back there on Saturday October 5th.

          Another gig added at short notice, this coming Monday night, the 30th at The Roadhouse in Birmingham's Stirchley district, first left off Lifford Lane via Pershore Road, midway between Kings Norton and Bournville raiway stations. Entry is free.

          Last item this week is that a new batch of acts has been released for "The Steampunk Experience", at next August's AltFest, which seemed so distant when it was announced, can't believe it's under eleven months now.

         Latest artists added are D.H. Lawrence and The Vaudeville Skiffle Show, also performing at Matlock Bath this weekend, Jezebel Steele, The Dark Design, Miss Von Trapp, The Mysterious Freakshow and from further afield Germany's Aeronautica, Daniel Malheur and from The States Frenchy and The Punk. Full details at



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