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Talk about "if this is Chesterfield it must be Monday"!

      Five shows in four days, saw the most hectic activity of the year to date.

      What a weekend was had by all at The Workhouse in Llanfyllin and in no small part to Dale's tireless efforts, despite loosing his home internet, so many thanks for sitting on the road with his mobile.

      More thanks go out to the volunteers at The Workhouse, for the gratis use of the venue, bar and food duties and making everyone feel really welcome. Further thanks to Gladstone, Birthrite, Poisoned Electrick Head, Montague Jaques Fromage and the Saturday afternoon DJs all of whom attended and entertained for free.

     With a decent sized crowd still in attendance, including Germans and Norwegians, all in resplendent steampunk dress and some curious locals a delightful time was had by all.

    The sound was excellent and BB played two extensive sets on the the Friday Before and between sets the intriguing and beguiling L…

At A Journey's End The Phoenix Rises Eternal!


    Just a quick blog this week, to get the good news out.

    Well much as been aired over the last week or so relating to the rather ill fated "A Journey Into Steampunk" and without entering into the politics involved, the event was pulled yesterday by it's organisers...........

    Now the good news........Same time, same place "Phoenix Rising".

    What a wonderful testament to the spirit involved within the Steampunk community  and especially to Dale from throwing himself into the organising at the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute.

    Massive thanks already to Gladstone, Birthrite, Montague Jaques Fromage III, Poisoned Electric Head and the DJs who like BB Blackdog, Demolitia Tribal et al in performing for free.

  Entry to the weekend is now free, with free camping, more detail at!/events/134554510022638/

    After drawing breath on Sunday morning i…

BB Blackdog- In A Visit To UFO Central, A Capital Day Out And A Night At The Workhouse

Talk about " a funny thing happened on the way back from the theatre". Last night the band played a late booked gig at The South Sea Live in Sheffield's Broomhill area. On the way back through Woodseats, the BBmobile was pulled over by the police. Autographs given, pictures taken and on their way. Sometimes it's a curious yet strangely pleasant world. Only in Sheffield? Vive The Republic.

     A quick mention, for anyone who enjoys playing with pictures, that there is currently a little competition, to provide backdrops to some green screen shots, for a Number One vinyl and some other goodies, on , already some pretty fanciful entries.

    Also just 25 more likes to get the facebook page to 2000 likes and some prizes to three randomly selected likers.

    Onwards to this weekends appearances and what a contrast they make, from one of Derbyshire's smallest villages to Western Europe's largest city.

     First up on Sat…

BB BLACKDOG-SIT! well Tavern, Friday night

A return to The Sitwell Tavern in Derby on Friday night, is this weeks only live appearance. With Mike spending the weekend at Bloodstock, Steve will stand in again, as he did at The Patriot in Wales earlier in the year.

   One hopes and presumes that with five clear days before BB play again, Mike should be able to hear is own bass again by then.

     Karen should be joining Demolitia, on dancing duties and due to popular demand the proceedings will open with some "I told you not to wash the instuments on hot!" acoustic renditions from "Timetravelsick Dale" and "Barbie pink Lightning Boldt".

   The Tavern is on Sitwell Street, off Babington Lane in the heart of the city.

   The band facebook page is now only 43 likes short of the magic 2000 likes mark and 3 lucky winners will be drawn at random to receive some prizes when the mark is attained. So if you  haven't liked it yet, get on over to, where it is also wo…

BB Blackdog-Belly Dancers,Choppers And Some Cunning Stunts

Live at Rock and Blues, Pentrich on Saturday, pictures courtesy of Cas Sharp

    The sun was shining at the weekend and made for an excellent show at Rock and Blues on Saturday afternoon. Demolitia was joined by further members of Boudica Revival during the performance,adding further ambience and fascilitating a wider audience participation of "Gimp",

   It must be said that rather than a detrement, the fact that the set was split into thirds, punctuated by firstly a parade of prize winning choppers, streetfighters, scooters and hot rods, then secondly a break featuring some dramatic stunt flying, all enhanced and prolonged the experience.

  Saturday was actually the second appearance of the weekend. Since the band were on site Friday, they were happy to cover a gap in the bill, with one of their acoustic sets, for those not familiar with these occasional diversifications, they feature, a small plastic guitar, from good old ebay and a set of actual "Barbie" …