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BB Blackdog-No Sleep til Long Eaton (A Whistlestop Tour of Derbyshire)

With three outings this week, all within Derbyshire, it presents the last opportunities, for a while to catch the band on home soil, before they put the miles in. Amongst their travels a couple of really interesting steampunk do's on 9th and 10th, details next week.

    Other than the "Live and Unsigned" appearance in Derby on April 14th, they are not scheduled to play in the county again before June (can't helping thinking, they will squeeze one in somewhere though).

   Must say, well done for taking the stage last week at The South Sea, whilst suffering from the, now infamously virilant Gladstonitis virus (that is going to require one of those superlative demic prefix soon).

   The band open this weeks proceedings on Wednesday at a new venue for them, The Eagle Tavern on Ripley Road in Heage as part of the launch night for a new monthly Bandstand promotion, this week fellow local bands The Cubists and Matlock's 3 Second Fuse share the stage. Welcomingy, sin…


An excellent night ensued at The Snooty Fox, Wakefield on Friday. This despite the proceedings giving some credence to the law of "what can go wrong, will go wrong". To cut a long story short, it involved, a double booking with metal band Bloodloss, who were destined to play first,travel difficulties and drumkits.

   So what transpired was, that the bill played in reverse order, unfortunately causing some later arriving steampunks to miss BB Blackdog and delaying Bloodloss's lengthy trip home to Surrey.

   That apart, a healthy steampunk gathering really enjoyed splendid performances from BB Blackdog with dancer Demolitia Tribal and also from Gladstone, the latter in only their fifth live show and totally undaunted by their vocalists throat infection.

   With BB Blackdog and Demolitia in top form, really looking forward to the video release based on the show.

   Ever polite the steampunks returned ready applause to the efforts of Bloodloss, who appeared to be excelle…

The Tale Of The Snooty Fox And The BB Blackdog

At last. To the filmed event at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield, Brunswick Street, just off Kirkgate, on Friday.The first steampunk event of the year that BB Blackdog are involved with. The first of many.

   The very welcome support for the evening comes from Gladstone, a five piece hailing from Northampton.

   The entire proceedings will be available as it happens via livestream and the band have been filming additional footage to augment the live show material, with a view to a new video release.

   So to all you steampunks and indeed anyone interested in the concept. If you have not made arrangements, then may i suggest a stop over in the fair West Riding. I know the Travelodge on Lower Warrengate, only a short walk up Kirkgate from the venue, has a contingent of steampunks staying and when i last perused their site, still had double rooms available at under thirty guineas. So why not abandon the carriage, quaff an ale or two and shake those goggles on down.

   The band play one mo…


With almost blizzard conditions sweeping over Central Derbyshire on Saturday evening, it was a huge testimony to both the band and a very descent sized crowd,that they made it to The George and Dragon in Belper.

   Unfortunately the conditions did leave BB Blackdog feeling a little frustrated at being under sound checked. The crowd, appeared not to share the concern and soon the coldness outside was forgotten.

   Most of the BB Blackdog classics were aired, including Gimp with it's now almost legendary, member of the audience participation, in a two part set. Both band and accompanying dancer Demolitia Tribal, really delivering the goods in the second half.

   So the first gig of the year under their belts, some old friends reacquainted and some new ones made. So what next?

   Well, two outings in the coming week.

   Firstly as part of Sound Hubs, selection of a band to  play a festival eliminator, with fellow contestants, The Wax Dramatic, Educatables and A Traditional Goodby…