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Time For A No. 2

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...........interminable tv advert campaigns from the supermarkets, the festive lights in town have been on for two months, Messrs' Holder and Lea have tucked away another half a million for "Merry Christmas Everybody", Quo are back in the arenas and in an audacious move by Cadbury the local shop boasts a prominent display of Crème and Mini Eggs! The good news is however that at least virtual stockings can be filled with the splendid new download of the much anticipated  No.2 album. Available from Amazon and I Tunes for £7.49 or $8.91, all nine tracks also available singularly for 89 pence or 99 cents.

 The cd version…

Frosty Belles and More Dogs Than You Shake A Stick For - Sounds like a weekend!

A good round trip through Continental Europe now put to bed, with  BB and Monty now back in the Derbyshire hills.

               To set the record straight, the low bass baton was actually passed back to Molly before the show in France last Friday.

             Many apologies for the inaccuracy in last weeks blog which concluded that Sven would be playing that one. It was due to fact I have been considering applying to write for the British national press recently and allowed the concept of, making up what you do not actually know, to run free!

              Still as they say "never let the truth get in the way of a good story".

         Anyway here below is some hard photographic evidence of Molly playing in Yutz.

            All this week's pictures courtesy of Blacky-Mage photographie.

            So suitably invigorated by some high quality French absinthe, one hopes, BB and LMJIII are set for another full and varied weekend.

            A Friday nig…