Warm BB Beer In Land Of The Ice Cold Pils

                  Just a quickie this week to go live before BB take on three gigs in three days in Schleswig-Holstein.
     After a marvellous event in Arnhem at the weekend BB headed north east to what must be considered their second homeland in Northern Germany.
Arriving in plenty of time to enjoy or endure last night's England versus Germany football international, depending upon your persuasions.

                 One can only feel for Dale, being the solitary English representative, I am guessing even Karin was clinging to her South African routes and Monty questioning, how this can be football at all without helmets, pads and at least 44 team mates being involved.

                           Still we  digress, onto where BB are playing this week.

     Oh Yes, they do have some bottles of the BB BlackDog real ale with them as well. Not sure how well it may go down with palates accustomed to colder blonder beers, it is good exponent of English Ale though, so if you can, give it a try.

                        Damn it! Still digressing. Right here we go. First of three familiar venues tonight     Wednesday the 20th, at Hexenkessel, on Hinterhorn in Oldenburg in Holstein.

              Tomorrow night they will be Altn Zolln on Muhlenstrasse right in the heart of Lubeck.

                    Friday the 22nd finds them in Bad Segeberg at The Café Coma on Kirchstrasse.
                The weekend is free before one last show at The Chill Out  Club Palenke which is on Gerhardstrasse in the regional capital Kiel, on Monday the 25th.

                  The indomitable Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III will be performing his "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" at all the venues.

             At the end of next week, it is time to head for France and "The Nox Victorian Judicio" event, the first of it's kind to be organised in the area by the local Collegium Temporis Vapori group in Yutz, near Thionville, close to the German and Luxembourg borders.

            Will be looking closer at this one next week, for now advanced details at http://frenchsteampunk.ning.com/events/nox-victoriana-judicio.


DoC Severn said…
They don't play football in the USA lol - they play 'soccer' - and their 'football' is really rugby played by wimps in armour...... lol!!!!

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