Time For A No. 2

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...........interminable tv advert campaigns from the supermarkets, the festive lights in town have been on for two months, Messrs' Holder and Lea have tucked away another half a million for "Merry Christmas Everybody", Quo are back in the arenas and in an audacious move by Cadbury the local shop boasts a prominent display of Crème and Mini Eggs!
The good news is however that at least virtual stockings can be filled with the splendid new download of the much anticipated 
No.2 album.
Available from Amazon and I Tunes for £7.49 or $8.91, all nine tracks also available singularly for 89 pence or 99 cents.
Some new tunes for the generic music player, that's great i hear you cry, however it just wouldn't be right without catching them live at this time of year.
Well, as it happens, that opportunity also exsists in, in four settings.
Firstly this coming Friday, the 13th (oh....it will be fine), BB head North for County Durham along with Lord Monty who will be doing his "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" thang at all 2013 remaining gigs.
LMJFIII will be heading back to his US commitments early in the New Year. Not too many tears though since he hopes to back in England before "The April Showers".
Fridays show is at the pleasure of The Teesdale Steampunk Society and will be held at The Bridge Inn at Ramshaw, just west of Bishop Auckland and entrance is for £7.50, which includes a hot buffet.

 Back to Derbyshire for rest of December and on Sunday the 22nd, BB are hosting their own festive bash at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath.

On Christmas Eve there is another party night at The Red Lion in Fritchley.

Free entry on both occasions.

                   One last 2013 outing on Saturday 28th at The Dog and Doublet in Pye Bridge near Alfreton. An interesting event with alongside BB, young Ripley Indie band iSurrender and The Johnnie Squizecrow Experiment.

          Also Dale and others are putting together Capt. Starfighter and The Lockheeds, who will be resurrecting amongst other songs, tracks from the old Robert Calvert Captain Lockheed album. You probably have to be of a certain age to remember it and were probably torn between praising it's profound genius or making one of those vinyl plat pots out of it. Still not sure!

                Well last ramblings for 2013, so have a wonderful Solstice, Christmas, New Year's celebration and njoy No 2 if you get the chance.

                                             All the best for 2014!


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