Frosty Belles and More Dogs Than You Shake A Stick For - Sounds like a weekend!

               A good round trip through Continental Europe now put to bed, with  BB and Monty now back in the Derbyshire hills.

               To set the record straight, the low bass baton was actually passed back to Molly before the show in France last Friday.

             Many apologies for the inaccuracy in last weeks blog which concluded that Sven would be playing that one. It was due to fact I have been considering applying to write for the British national press recently and allowed the concept of, making up what you do not actually know, to run free!

              Still as they say "never let the truth get in the way of a good story".

         Anyway here below is some hard photographic evidence of Molly playing in Yutz.

            All this week's pictures courtesy of Blacky-Mage photographie.

            So suitably invigorated by some high quality French absinthe, one hopes, BB and LMJIII are set for another full and varied weekend.

            A Friday night start at The George and Dragon, on Bridge Street in Belper, raising the curtain on a weekend beer festival.

           Saturday it is over to another regular BB venue, The Black Market on Market Warsop's High Street, for Dogfest, which brings together not only BB BlackDog, also another local favourite Ferocious Dog and making the long haul from Plymouth and The Medway respectively, Mad Dog McRea and Hobo Jones and The Junkyard Dogs.

        Whilst the canine theme ends there, the list certainly does not, with fourteen more acts, loosely based around folk and folk rock, on a bill running from 10.30am until 2am.

         That is some day of music! Sure hope the bar will be serving Horlicks later!

         Please note if you are attending, that BB are on stage at midday.

        Just to reiterate that whilst all the tickets have been sold, there are a number of people selling them at good prices on the facebook group, there is also a listing of stage times buried there a little way down.

          On Sunday the vibe changes completely when BB head for yet another regular haunt, The Roadhouse, off Lifford Lane in Stirchley, Birmingham.

         The show entitled "Frosty Belles and Whistles" is being put together by burlesque artist Nenedhel Absynthium and is being billed as a "Christmas Burlesque and Steampunk Extravaganza".

         Running from 3pm to 11pm and featuring around a dozen burlesque artists, male and female, some cabaret performers and stalls, it should be a cracker. Music from alongside BB and Lord Monty, West Midlands Steampunk aficionados Birthrite and Crimson Cocks, plus South Coast "Chap-Hopper" Professor Elemental.

       A superb package for £10. Tickets and details at

       One last reminder, that the open mic/acoustic sessions are back on Tuesday nights at The Bulls Head, Belper Lane End, from tonight until the 17th.


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