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It's The End Of The World As We Know It( And I Feel Fine)

Could not resist the humorous take on Friday, shared by Gordon Stoker courtesy of an Austrian page entitled Athiesm. Since the prophecies of a people who did not forsee the coming of The Spanish Conquistadors should probably not to be overly trusted, a more festive offering from the BB archive. If you wondering what Mr. J Ferguson is up to now, more later.

        A quick reminder of the show with Montague Jaques Fromage III at The South Sea in Broomhill, Sheffield tonight, details in last weeks edition.

        Six more dates lined up to conclude 2012 on 118 gigs! Although, all remaining shows are of course, subject to the world not ending on Friday.

       On Friday BB and MJFIII head north a little to The Black Swan, Bradford, which is on Thornton Road, serviced by the615/6 bus from Bradford Interchange. The bill for the night is completed by local bluesman Ben "Blue" Waters.

       I suppose, it is one not to be missed, after all, if the Mayans transpire to be …

And The Full Monty(gue Jaques Fromage show)

Some more of the green screen competition entries, which are being used to promote upcoming shows and one of Montague, showing his British support. Yes the enigmatic Montague Jaques Fromage returns to these shores for a short visit, arriving from The States today. He will be joining BB in a busy period leading up to Christmas for five shows, six if the final touches can be put to plans for an outing in Nottingham, before taking the airship back to The Colonies on Christmas Eve. First off,(This Sunday) should be a good night, at what has to go down as Dale's local. An early start at eight should have the business concluded for ten, to allow for an early bed or to join the party which is likely to ensue later.The show is also going to be recorded, potentially for a live cd. The venue is The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End, well known locally for it's real ales, including some brewed by the landlord. Belper Lane End is about a mile from Belper town centre, so a fairly cheap cab ri…

It's Dogging Night On saturday!

One outing for the band this coming weekend as part of the DogFest at another home venue, The Black Market at Market Warsop near Mansfield, Notts. This being Mike's home town. The all day event runs 12 until 12 on Saturday the 8th.

        Along with BB are Ferocious Dog, a six piece folk/rock band, who are local to the area and Gaz Brookfield, from Bristol, who has been opening for The Levellers on their recent tour, dancing is courtesy of Demolitia and crew plus the pyrotechnic Hell On High Heelz duo.

       Admission for the day is £5 and is available on the door. Full line up and details at!/events/400416679995269/

       Quick reminder of the other big event before Christmas, which is The Steampunk Christmas Special at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on the 22nd and with numbers growing for this, if you wish to attend, could you confirm your intentions by joining the event at!/events/41328158871856…

This Is Brewery Tap- Turn it up to 11

The latest vict...sorry...volunteer for Gimp being given the treatment by Demolitia at The George and Dragon last Friday.

       A good turn out at what is ostensibly Dale's local last week to welcome the band's return to playing in the UK.

       Another chance to catch them close to home this coming Sunday, when they play the Brewey Tap in Derby, which is just over the bridge the from the city centre on Derwent Street, just five minutes walk from the bus station, where as usual, the start is around the four o clock mark for a late afternoon early evening show.

      It is hard to believe that fifty one weeks have passed by since it was the venue for 2011's end of the year performance, with Axel returning to Germany for Christmas afterwards. Having just been home, this time around he is staying here, so BB playing right through to the new year.

     Having mentioned The Steampunk Christmas Show!/events/413281588718564/ last we…

By George, It Must Be Belper!

Appear to have run virtually out of time this week, so  apologies a very brief edition for now.       Back earlier next week with a fuller version, including the low down on the birth of BB Blackdog back in 2007. If you are wondering what this week's picture is, it is something that turned up in the antiques and curios section whilst looking back through the archives, being the cover of A Happy Citizens cassette release featuring Dale way back in 1986.           Just in time to remind everyone that Dale and Axel are back from their European shows and will be reunited on stage tonight with Mike and Demolitia. So come on down and welcome them home at The George and Dragon,Belper,which for those who do not know is situated on Bridge Street(A6), easy access from Belper Rail and Transpeak bus.          One quick mention, before the price at Travelodge accelerates, regarding The Steampunk Christmas Bash at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on December 22nd.              A full da…

No Sleep Till Hamburg(smith)

The pictures are from the green screen competition held earlier in the year and are currently being used to promote shows in Germany.

             Excellent reports coming back from the festival in Arnhem of a great reception and thanks once again to one and all who made the band feel so welcome.

            A very busy schedule this week in the North of Germany and full details of the venues and show times are available from last week's blog or the band page at .

          Just a brief recap

      Tuesday 13th Chill Bar Palenke, Kiel
      Wednesday 14th-Hexenkessel, Oldenburg In Holstein
      Thursday 15th-Alten Zum alten Zolln, Lubeck
      Friday 16th-Cafe Coma, Bad Segebeg

and a final stopover for a private party in Hamburg on Saturday before the long haul back to Derbyshire and a little respite. Only the one gig planned for the following weekend at home town Belper's, George And Dragon.

     As the band are playing The palenke…

It's 482 Miles To Arnhem. We Got A Full Flask of Darjeeling, Half A Pouch Of Bacca. It's Dark And We Are Wearing Goggles!

One last solo outing for Dale on Wednesday at The Black Market, Market Warsop before he travels to Europe for the weekend. This is a geat opportunity to catch him in one of  his rare "TimeTravelSick Dale" moments.

       With Demolitia and Mike staying back in the UK, Dale travels onwards to The Netherlands to reunite with Axel and volunteer/borrowed/pressganged, bassist Sven Blutsvente from the German pirate band Scorbut.

       On Saturday BB are playing at The Emporium Vernesque in Arnhem, the first Steampunk festival to be held in the city. It is an all day event at Willemeen, Willemsplein 1. Along with BB
on the entertainement programme are Dutch band Ball Noir, who incorporate metal and folk with drum and bass, all apparently suitable for balfolk dancing and the equally intriguing German band Schwarzblut who set Weimar period poetry to an Electro backdrop. Full details at!/pages/Emporium-Vernesque/185790531502061?fref…

A Steamin Night In The Second City

Pictures courtesy of Linzie Cooke, top two and Willam F Thorneye for the bottom two. All taken last Saturday during the excellent Hallowsteam event at The Roadhouse, Birmingham.

      Last week's planned fairly quiet weekend turned hectic in the end, with the Derby and Birmingham jaunts punctuated with a little trip to Whitehaven on The Cumbrian Coast to play The John Paul Jones.

      This week will definitely provide some respite, prior to a round trip to Germany's Baltic Coast at the end of next week, involving six shows in eight days.

      With Axel already gone ahead, to catch up at home, it leaves just one engagement this weekend.
 On Friday Dale and his guitar are travelling to the delightful, real ales a speciality, Princess Victoria in Matlock Bath for an evening of music dance.

      It was a fantastic gathering at The Roadhouse last week of Steampunk music and comedy and really nice to see Metropolis on their maiden performace.

      Another similar gatheri…

A Steampumkin Time At The Roadhouse

Well lots of frequent time traveller miles clocked up  last weekend, something in the region of 550 miles, according to The AA, although maybe you shouldn't trust the calculations of recovering alcohlics, in three days. All worth while though, visiting new venues in Bristol and Northamptonshire along with lending support to The Workhouse in Llanfylin's, working weekend.

     The band are doing some easy miles this week before a jaunt across to Germany and The Netherlands in early November.

     Sadly the John Peel Memorial Day at The Victoria in Derby scheduled for Thursday, has been cancelled earlier this week, however BB are taking the opportunity to play there on Thurday night, thus presenting a chance to view their last show in the county until the end of next month.
"The Vic" could not be more ideally situated, positioned directly over the road from Derby Railway Station.

     The other outing this weekend is to headline a fabulous festival of Steampunk, …

A Night In The Workhouse(Including a Pilgrimage to Bristol and a Masonic Meet in Northants)

Photographs courtesy of David Broadbent Photography

    Well, fair to say that Steampunks made a huge splash in The Bath last weekend, creating great interest in their splendid presence, from the local community and tourists arriving for The Illuminations alike.

     So a boundless thanks to the artists, artisans, engineers, imagineers, traders, helpers, venues and indeed to the endeavours of one and all who contributed to the wonderful success of this inaugural event.

     What a pleasure to see the doors of The Pavilion open once again. Unsure of final figures at this juncture however a descent contribution from the events proceeds, should be available to aid in restoring the building to it's former glories.

      Lots of great comments and fantastic pictures abound on facebook to check out. In answer to the question will there be more, yes certainly same time next year and maybe The Steampunk Solstice moving there in June. Also the possibility exsists of an early return…

Let There Be Light....Sound.....Drums....Bass.....and another Bass

This coming weekend brings the world of Steampunk to Matlock Bath in the Derbyshire Dales, centred on the recently reopened Grand Pavilion (above) ,to whose further renovation any post production profits will be donated. Although built in 1910, nine years after Victoria's death, the structure still exudes that periodic feel possessed by the entire village.

      It all makes for a splendid backdrop to The First Steampunk Illuminata and Market, an event which it is visualised will grow in stature over the coming years to encompass the whole of the village.

      The weekends proceedings begin in The Fishpond, just over the road from "The Pav", with a free show upstairs in the ballroom, featuring a full set from the sublime Gladstone and a support slot from "Seasick Dale" or should that be "Timetravelsick Dale" with Axel, possibly the tallest drummer you will meet playing the smallest drum kit, you have ever seen.

On Saturday the Steampunk marke…

The All Dayer After The Night Before

Great time last weekend at the The Monster Raving Looney Party Conference and The Intake in Mansfield, with a bigger event already earmarked for the latter, in the new year...... watch this space !

     A late booking for Saturday finds the BB mobile putting in the miles again, with a welcome return to the South West. A new venue for the band in the Devonian north coast resort of Ifracombe at The Chill Bar located on Fore Street in the town centre.

     The long drive back, will provide little time for sleep before a relatively early start on Sunday.

     The occasion on Sunday provides a great opportunity to join with Steampunks at The Sitwell Tavern, Sitwell Street, off Babington Lane in Derby city centre, running from two in the afternoon and planned to finish somewhere around eight or nine, alowing plenty of time to catch buses and trains far and wide afterwards.

     Along with BB's headline set, performances come from that fine Northants Steampunk five piece Gladstone…

Do the Monster Mash!....and And Take A Sharp Intake Of Steam

It is not often that one is bestoed the privilege of playing at an official political party conference, which is exactly what BB are doing on Friday.

      Not only that, but for probably the only relevant party left in todays political climate, The Monster Raving Loony Party.

      The conference  is taking place at The White Hart Hotel on Carter Street in Uttoxeter, Staffs. and after the serious business!! of the day, admission is free to the evening entertainement and some camping is available. Humourous duo The Big Fibbers and punk covers band Gripper And The Gurnards are also on the bill. Further details at

     Here's to a good night and a Monster Raving landslide next election.

     On Saturday another splendid Steampunk event, as part of the European Steampunk day. Taking place at The Intake Club in Mansfield. Stalls, belly and burlesque dancing and a fine line up, to cover all Steampunk tastes with BB, Gladstone and The Cogneys. All yours for…

Tell Me People Am I Going......And Now It's My Asaumption, I'm Really Up..

Well after much deliberation, the results for the green screen picture competition have been announced and the winning entry with the silver and bronze efforts below it are featured above.

      Congratulations to the podium winners and much thanks to all those who sent pictures in. The rest are well worthy of looking up at not only for technical/artistic content but just to see how some minds think!

      Two show weekend again, starting Friday night by headlining at the annual Insane Festival event, which lasts through until Sunday at The Black Market, Market Warsop, Notts. Also appearing Friday are US/German funk rock threesome Lord Bishop Rocks, UK metal band Line Of Fire, from Geelong,Victoria Aus rockers Cast Iron Pinata, two all German bands, White Trap and My Restless 45, Birmingham's Sugar Razors, who interstingly are two lead and drums and no bass, plus Reece Bibby. How veritably international.
      The admission is well …

BB Blackdog- Great Maiden Voyage On Board The Craft

So just a week of summer!!! remains and last Friday saw the end of the outdoor festivals for the year. It is as they say an ill wind that blows no good and with the openers for On Board The Craft stuck on the road,BB stepped in to perform a more extensive set than expected to a fabulous reception and lots of good comments from people having their first experience of the band.

     A little short on time, for reasons beyond control this week, so with apologies for brevity onto this coming weekend.

    It has been a while since playing in Dale's home town, however as luck would have it BB are back tonight, Friday at The George And Dragon in Belper. If you haven't seen them on their travels recently, well worth a look, the amount of recent gigs has really polished the show. Oh and Demolitia has some splendid new wings to check out.

    For anyone less familiar with Belper, the pub is on Derwent Street(A6), in close proximity to both rail and bus stations.

    On Saturday a …

In The Pond, On Board The Craft And Under Charlottte's Orangery

Another busy and eclactic weekend in store for the band with three very different venues lined up.

     First up on Thursday evening at the The Fishpond at Matlock Bath. The first scheduled performance at the extensively refurbished venue, there was a late fill in, a couple of Saturdays back.
      This is still currently the most played at venue by BB, although the regular first Wednesday of every month slot at The Black Market Venue in Market Warsop should ensure that tag will soon move on.
      Demolitia may be missing for some early numbers but will soon be on hand.

     If you have not visited The Pond since it's revitalisation, you are mising a treat. The restructuring of the downstairs area makes for an excellent area for bands and allows for a sizeable crowd. A good programe of music and comedy and dance is already on the agenda The other good news is that, the bar is well stocked with real ales, ciders and beer from around Europe and not at prices geared to instantl…


Talk about "if this is Chesterfield it must be Monday"!

      Five shows in four days, saw the most hectic activity of the year to date.

      What a weekend was had by all at The Workhouse in Llanfyllin and in no small part to Dale's tireless efforts, despite loosing his home internet, so many thanks for sitting on the road with his mobile.

      More thanks go out to the volunteers at The Workhouse, for the gratis use of the venue, bar and food duties and making everyone feel really welcome. Further thanks to Gladstone, Birthrite, Poisoned Electrick Head, Montague Jaques Fromage and the Saturday afternoon DJs all of whom attended and entertained for free.

     With a decent sized crowd still in attendance, including Germans and Norwegians, all in resplendent steampunk dress and some curious locals a delightful time was had by all.

    The sound was excellent and BB played two extensive sets on the the Friday Before and between sets the intriguing and beguiling L…

At A Journey's End The Phoenix Rises Eternal!


    Just a quick blog this week, to get the good news out.

    Well much as been aired over the last week or so relating to the rather ill fated "A Journey Into Steampunk" and without entering into the politics involved, the event was pulled yesterday by it's organisers...........

    Now the good news........Same time, same place "Phoenix Rising".

    What a wonderful testament to the spirit involved within the Steampunk community  and especially to Dale from throwing himself into the organising at the eleventh hour and fifty ninth minute.

    Massive thanks already to Gladstone, Birthrite, Montague Jaques Fromage III, Poisoned Electric Head and the DJs who like BB Blackdog, Demolitia Tribal et al in performing for free.

  Entry to the weekend is now free, with free camping, more detail at!/events/134554510022638/

    After drawing breath on Sunday morning i…

BB Blackdog- In A Visit To UFO Central, A Capital Day Out And A Night At The Workhouse

Talk about " a funny thing happened on the way back from the theatre". Last night the band played a late booked gig at The South Sea Live in Sheffield's Broomhill area. On the way back through Woodseats, the BBmobile was pulled over by the police. Autographs given, pictures taken and on their way. Sometimes it's a curious yet strangely pleasant world. Only in Sheffield? Vive The Republic.

     A quick mention, for anyone who enjoys playing with pictures, that there is currently a little competition, to provide backdrops to some green screen shots, for a Number One vinyl and some other goodies, on , already some pretty fanciful entries.

    Also just 25 more likes to get the facebook page to 2000 likes and some prizes to three randomly selected likers.

    Onwards to this weekends appearances and what a contrast they make, from one of Derbyshire's smallest villages to Western Europe's largest city.

     First up on Sat…

BB BLACKDOG-SIT! well Tavern, Friday night

A return to The Sitwell Tavern in Derby on Friday night, is this weeks only live appearance. With Mike spending the weekend at Bloodstock, Steve will stand in again, as he did at The Patriot in Wales earlier in the year.

   One hopes and presumes that with five clear days before BB play again, Mike should be able to hear is own bass again by then.

     Karen should be joining Demolitia, on dancing duties and due to popular demand the proceedings will open with some "I told you not to wash the instuments on hot!" acoustic renditions from "Timetravelsick Dale" and "Barbie pink Lightning Boldt".

   The Tavern is on Sitwell Street, off Babington Lane in the heart of the city.

   The band facebook page is now only 43 likes short of the magic 2000 likes mark and 3 lucky winners will be drawn at random to receive some prizes when the mark is attained. So if you  haven't liked it yet, get on over to, where it is also wo…

BB Blackdog-Belly Dancers,Choppers And Some Cunning Stunts

Live at Rock and Blues, Pentrich on Saturday, pictures courtesy of Cas Sharp

    The sun was shining at the weekend and made for an excellent show at Rock and Blues on Saturday afternoon. Demolitia was joined by further members of Boudica Revival during the performance,adding further ambience and fascilitating a wider audience participation of "Gimp",

   It must be said that rather than a detrement, the fact that the set was split into thirds, punctuated by firstly a parade of prize winning choppers, streetfighters, scooters and hot rods, then secondly a break featuring some dramatic stunt flying, all enhanced and prolonged the experience.

  Saturday was actually the second appearance of the weekend. Since the band were on site Friday, they were happy to cover a gap in the bill, with one of their acoustic sets, for those not familiar with these occasional diversifications, they feature, a small plastic guitar, from good old ebay and a set of actual "Barbie" …

BB Blackdog-At The Old School Weekender

Rock And Blues made it's welcome return to The Coneygrey Showground at Pentrich in Derbyshire last year. This time around BB Blackdog are pleased to be part of the proceedings, playing on the Saturday.

   Finalised timings are not available just yet, however BB are set to play an extensive set during Saturday afternoon on the second stage, Platform 15, featuring not only the dancing delights of Demolitia Tribal, but more belly dancers, pole dancers and stilt walkers. There is also a strong possibility of a first guest appearance of the summer, from that much missed festival element sunshine!

   Also appearing on Platform 15 are local blues protaginists The Paul Evans Trio and making a landlubbing trip from the Suffolk coast The East Town pirates, reveling in their "voodoo pirate rock n roll"

   Headliners for the day on The Cross Piston Saloon Main Stage, are the timeless UK Subs, who have been around constantly since "the new wave" of 1976. the rest of the…

BB Blackdog-Holiday In The sun?

Picture courtesy of Laurine Clifford Photography

      Another nice shot from the recent photo shoot, featuring the full cast.

      No live appearances this week, so a well earned break for the band and a chance to have a reflect on the year so far and a look ahead to a busy second half of 2012.

      Whilst it is fair to say that the last two months, unbelievable rainfall, has had it's effect on numbers turning out for some shows and the actual cancellation of one festival, the larger part of the year has been a good story.

       Mention should go again to the departing John Ferguson, to whom well is wished in the future and a big thanks to Mike Bower for making a seamless transition.

       The biggest story of the year so far, goes to the trip to Denver and Texas, taking in a couple of steampunk conventions. Really well received during the period spent in The States and plans already being formulated to revisit next year, with an expanded itinery.