BB BlackDog and The Scurvy Pirates

                  Really brief blog this week, due to circumstances beyond control.

          Just a reminder for everyone that BB are playing The Lindenhof Reloaded Festival this Saturday the 24th.

          A superb chance to see BB and Skorbut on the same bill, with Dale and Axel doubling up for both sets.

         The festival is at Lockschuppen in Bad Segeberg, on Bahnhofstrasse very handily positioned close to both bus and train stations.

         The show begins at 2pm, with the bands playing outside, which is not a problem, with sunny weather forecast for Northern Germany. Other bands on the bill include Santicatee, Verity Absurd and Black Mountain Yetis. Action moves indoors at ten, with dj,s taking over.

          Tickets are 12 euros (you would think by now UK keyboards include the Euro sign!) from

         This is a one off in Germany for now, BB will not be back until close to the end of the year.

         UK fans will probably have to wait until next August for the BB/Skorbut combination with both booked for August's AltFest. Speaking of which there should be another announcement of bands soon for the festival, which is set to illuminate next summer's British festval scene with something genuinely alternative.


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