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If You Go Down In The Woods Today (Well next week)?

The new facebook page header, now featuring Sven on the right, in recognition of his contributions to BB BlackDog as bass player for both the latest recording sessions and on stage in Europe and also the production of the new album.

           Talking new album, it is now complete as a recording and awaiting the artwork completion. It is therefore anticipated that a release will be made in the not too distant future, August looking likely.

           With no more work to do on the album and no live performances for a couple of weeks, to save the devil finding work, attentions are turning to a new video shoot with Karin from the Qwoonswierd crew, who have filmed the band live on a few occasions.

           No final decision on which song will be accompanying it yet and not wishing to say too much about content, let us just say folk tale with a twist and lots of woodland shooting.

           A quick peek into what the rest of June brings another mixed bag of live shows.


"What You Need" Steampunk rock by BB BlackDog

Steampunk Saturday at Glastonbudget 2013

As usual the lack of technology intervenes, to prevent the rotation of this picture of last weekend's t shirt motif, to it's desired orientation! However if your indulgence could be craved, to momentarily incline your head towards 90 degrees right, you will see why the band were highly delighted by their prominent billing.

        Equally pleased by the reception and the size of the crowd assembled late on Sunday night for their Lock Inn stage headlining set.

        Thankfully the organisers had the foresight to re-schedule "The Men That" set on the accompanying stage to late afternoon to avoid a Steampunk band clash. The crowd was still quite overwhelming and a testimony to BB's growing reputation considering that The Levellers were playing at the same time on the main stage.

       It all rounded off a tiring yet ultimately successful weekend, with a packed house at The George on Friday and numbers into several hundreds at The Frome Steampunk Extavaga…

A Home Banker, A Long Away Day And Finally A Lock In(n)

A busy weekend kicks off on Friday the 17th with a home town gig (well at least for Dale) at The George and Dragon on Bridge Street in Belper.

      Saturday see's the BB BlackMobile (OK, so it's mostly orange, let us call it poetic license) heading Southbound to Frome in Somerset for it's first Steampunk Extravaganza.

      More details in last week's blog or at

       The timings are now known for the evening show. Doors are at 6.30pm

   The self styled poetrix, Muriel Lavender opens at 6.50 followed by BB Blackdog at seven, playing for 50 minutes.A short interlude for the best dressed awards and on to Sunday Driver at ten past eight until nine. Interspersed with some burleque routines "The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing" at 9.15 and Professor Elemental at 10.30.

     The excellent news is that Professor Elemental's presence affords the opportunity to give the BB/Prof collaboration "Steampunk…

Chill Out Time Again

News just breaking that the "Steampunks In Springtime" event which was destined to be staged by The Cornish Steampunks this weekend is off. Not sure if that is due to the impending bad weather forecast for The South West or other reasons. A sad loss all the same.

       The cancellation leaves BB with the long drive for just the one show now. This is on Friday night in Ilfracombe.

       An excellent opportunity though to catch BB playing with the delights of Lord Montague Jaques Fromage and his "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" in a UK one off.

       The show is at "The Chill Bar" on Fore Street in the centre of town and gets under way at 8pm.

       Next weekend BB are back in Derbyshire for a gig at The George and Dragon, Bridge Street in Belper on Friday the 17th.

       That kicks off a busy weekend, with Saturday constituting another jaunt to The South West for "The Frome Steampunk Extravaganza".

        This is a new event being staged …

The Circus Of Heaven Comes To Town

Axel, the latest successor to the title of "Dread Pirate Roberts" ?

          BB are playing tonight, Thursday May the 2nd at The Hexenkessel in Oldenberg in Holstein in preperation for Saturdays festival outing.

         They are being joined for the night by Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III, fresh in from The States.

         On Saturday they will be playing at "Aethercircus" a dedicated Steampunk festival now in it's second year.

         The two day festival takes place in the magnificant looking Fortress Grauerort, built by The Prussians in the late 1800s on the banks of The Elbe river.

         The venue is situated in Stade, with transportation links to nearby Hamburg available.

        Proceedings begin at 11am on both days, with a full programme on Saturday and an early evening finish on the Sunday.

         Several authors will be present, giving readings and with workshops featuring dance, drawing, utilising old light bulb…