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You Wait Six Months, Then Two Come Along At Once!

Yes, a second Solstice celebration in store this weekend.

         Hot on the heels of last weekend's Sonic Rock Solstice, comes The Steampunk version. As was explained a couple of weeks back, the fact it does not fall upon the actual date, is nothing that cannot be accomodated with a little temporal tinkering.

        The second edition has been both waterproofed and expanded.

        Last year, whilst being a fabulous testimony to the spirit of Steampunk, it is an experience best not repeated. The Rockface behind The Lime Kiln in Wirksworth, is a truely dramatic setting, however it was perhaps fitting' that the stage bore a passing resemblance to Noah's Ark. A wetter day could not have been had.Good turn out though, under the circumstances and a rocking time.

       Mark II moves to what is certain to become Steampunk's spiritual home, in the delightfully Vicorian resort village, of Matlock Bath.

      Centred on The Grand Pavilion, a building to which fut…

Solstice Bells By Bulith Wells

A shorter blog today in order for a quick release. Unfortunate loss of the "wonderweb" yesterday, so need to publish in order for Sonic Rock reference to be relevant. It is Sonic Rock Solstice at (well just above), The Royal Welsh Showgrounds outside Bulith Wells, Powys. For trains look for Bulith Road station, it is about a mile walk frrom there. So if you wish to rush off now, it is completely understood. Oh and do not panic, music does not get under way until 4pm. Tickets are now £80 for the weekend at the gates. Day passes for Friday when BB are playing, are available at £25. Yes BB and Lord Montague are off to Wales to rub shoulders with the Space and Psychedelic Rock fraternity, this Solstice Day and may we extend felicitations to you upon our longest, if not (in Derbyshire at least) the brightest of days. Tonights headliner is, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and trust me, having seen the show earlier in 2013, the years have been kind…

North By North East

A ground breaking weekend ahead for BB, two new venues and one new bass player.           With Mike unavailable this weekend the low bass duties fall to Molly May Hooper. So welcome and thanks to Molly who becomes the seventh player to fulfill the role. Will give you a moment to see if you can conjure up the other six for yourselves and list them at the end for you.                Yes two new venues, in fact two new towns. Rather surprisingly having made many trips into South Yorkshire, that Doncaster as yet remains unexposed to BB'delights.              All that is to be rectified this Saturday June 15th at the gloriously titled, to give it's Sunday name Cask Corner Dive Bar & Bordello Cocktail Lounge, one of Dony's premier live venues, situated on Cleveland Street in the town centre.  Rather splendidly BB will be joined for both gigs by Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III bringing his Steampunk Funk Bizarre show to town, featuring work from his debut album, which pr…

Steampunk Dale In The Derbyshire Dales

Yes. Dale in The Dales, Saturday 8th at The Fishpond, Matlock Bath.

        This is a late booking featuring "Steampunk Dale" doing his solo acoustic set, in the downstairs bar. This normally consists of an eclactic range of covers being given the Dale tratment.

        Late booking then. Guess the, Dale Diva coming soon posters, around town, must be for something completely different!

        It will be busy day, considering during the afternoon BB plus a glittering array of Steampunk extras will be filming the  second and final day of their new video shoot with Qwoonswierd's Karin at the helm in a highly secret location somewhere in Derbyshire.

       So talking of Matlock Bath, it is fast approaching "The Steampunk Summer Solstice", centred on village's Grand Pavilion. It always feels strange speaking of Matlock Bath as a village, however that is it's officil title.

       Someone pointed out to myself this week that strictly speaking the w…