A Party (Political) Broadcast on Behalf of The Monster Raving Loony Party

                                        Picture courtesy of Paintpictures Bilserwelten.

              Nothing on the breaking news front this week. So a little preview of what to expect from The Steampunk Illuminata/Monster Raving Loony Party Annual Conference on the last weekend in September, whilst there is still time available to book accommodation if you fancy coming along.

             The event is going to run from Friday the 27th through to the Sunday and is set in the Victorian splendour of Matlock Bath, in the heart of The Derbyshire Dales, on the northern gateway to The Derwent Valley World Heritage Site. The status being bestowed, for it's relevance as the area where the Industrial Revolution was begun. The market and shows all held in The Grand Pavilion.

           The village is well served by buses and The Derwent Valley Line train service. If you are planning a stay over some accommodation ideas have been added to the event page.

           A Steampunk and Curio Market will be running from Friday afternoon and throughout Saturday and Sunday until early evening, with free entry for all.

           Free entry again on Friday night, for a show featuring punk classics from local heroes Gripper and The Gurnards.
The D.H. Lawrence Vaudeville Skiffle Show, bringing their own mix of psycho-skiffle/country/folk from"The Bagthorpe Delta" just over the Notts. border.
Journeying up from Essex the Psychedelic/Indie three piece Deviant Amps.
The Big Fibbers play their first of two weekends sets, keeping it acoustic for Friday.
All brought together by your MC for the weekend the fabulous Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III, recently arrived from The US of A.
On Saturday the market reopens at 11am and some activities throughout, before The Monster Raving Looney Party, cabinet reshuffle at 2pm. After that follows a promenade up the village and a leisurely pub crawl back to "The Pav".
Saturday night's Gala Show is the only pay event, with a cover charge of £15 (£10 advance) for non party members. Joining the MRLP on the day reduces entry to £5.
You can check out exactly what party membership entails at http://www.loonyparty.com/.
Join your host LMJIII at six for a programme featuring BB, with Sven playing, for the first time in the UK, along with "The Big Fibbers Go Electric" set.
Saturday also see's the return of space rockers Dr Hasbeen , who were at "The Pav" with BB back in February.
Plus Glowpeople, psychedelic, mutant, fusion, adventurers, their words not mine, a collective from the West Midlands who were here on the Sunday of "The Steampunk Solstice", truly mesmeric.
If that is not enough we will also be entertained by the extraordinary Black Pig's Border Morris Group.
Full line up for Sunday is not yet confirmed, we do know that Dale will be strutting his solo show and that the excellent Metropolis are making the trip up from Suffolk to be with us again, presenting their increasingly polished and haunting set of songs from a dystopian future (or past, indeed possibly even an alternative present).


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