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BB BlackDog, Live On The Night Of The BlackCats

Apologies to anyone who made the trip to The Pump And Truncheon in Blackpool last Saturday. The gig was, unfortunately cancelled, due to circumstances beyond someone's control. However no such problems on Friday in Doncaster and the gig prompted a rather nice review from Stu Tovell . Just the one BB show this week, indeed the last one scheduled for The UK until the first weekend in December. The Tramway on Chatsworth Road, part of Chesterfield's "Brampton Mile", provides the setting for a Halloween Night special. Continuing last week's theme of, great ale pubs, The Tramway is the nearby Brampton Brewery's Tap. Also on offer is a limited edition from The English Whiskey Co., so a little sad that, this is last show of the year that Lord Monty is not with us for. Activities move to "The Continent" for the month of November so here is a "head's up" of wher…

The Tour Of The Roses

Thanks to Captain Smurf, for his pictures taken at last weekend's Hastrek event.               What a great event it was at the weekend, let us hope that it transpires not to be, as billed, the last one.              Being the third appearance in front of the "Sonic Rock crowd", BB decided to change the focus this time around, with a punchier, more upbeat set.            Certainly the inclusion of "State Of Today" and the now familiar conga it entails, brought more than one comment of "well I've never seen one of those before at a gig". LMJIII leading the efforts, I believe for the first time.    Speaking of Lord Monty, it has been great seeing his "Steampunk Funk Bizarre" routines, seamlessly linking the BB sets at recent gigs.          The excellent news is, that whilst he is making his passage back to New Jersey this week, he will back for the next leg of Continental European shows in November and onwards throughout December in The …

"Hastrekking" Across............Central Derbyshire!

I don't care if you have "man flu" Dale. Play Faster!
                    One can only imagine, that this was the point when Jezebel Steele, burlesque performance artist took centre stage during the rendition of "You Know You Would" at The Matlock Bath Pavilion.

                                                 And homage to THE pink drum kit.  

                                           All pics . courtesy of Karin von Woerden.

    Apologies up front for brevity of content. All due to a decision at the residency from which the blog emanates from to undertake a "small" decorating project. Since this now feels as if it is entering it's second decade, it seems necessary to give a quick heads up on the forthcoming weekend's gigs

      So having found the end of an extension lead protruding from beneath a dust sheet offering electricity, here goes.

     Starting  with a gig at The George and Dragon in Belper, Derbyshire on Thursday Oct, 17th. Yes…

If This Is Sunday? It Must Be Cradley Heath!

Featured picture is from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party's cabinet re-shuffle, outside The Matlock Bath Pavilion, last Saturday, courtesy of Karen farrow.

          You will note that BB's very own Dale Rowles (aka Lieutenant Jagerschnitzel) is prominent within and the latest news from the conference, is that he will be a candidate for the party at the next general election, standing in one of the Derbyshire constituencies.

          Moving swiftly on since BB have a busy schedule for this coming week. Not sure if four gigs in as many days constitutes a tour, it is however four opportunities to catch BB with both Molly and Sven, before the latter returns to Germany at the beginning of next week.

         Should that not prove sufficient reason to "come on down", then in addition to that, all gigs will be augmented by the inimitable Lord montague Jaques Fromage III.

        First up on Thursday is a visit to The Snooty Fox on the bottom of Wakefiel…