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BB Creates A Cure For The Summertime Blues!

After an extremely intense period, it is almost time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of the last fortnight's labours.

         Yes, just a couple of days now until the curtain raises on "Full Steam Metal Racket". All the venue, travel and ticketing details were on the last blog, so we'll move swiftly on to what is occurring over the weekend.

        The venue is open for registration from midday on Friday the 15th, by which time the market place will be in full swing, as it will also be from 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

         Entertainment will be spread over two stages and your host for the weekend will be The USA's favourite Steampunk Son, Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III.

         Opening act for Friday at 7pm on the indoor stage is the highly versatile Ash Mandrake, featuring is personally designed twin necked guitar who regale with songs and humorous tales, many involving his extensive collection of hats.

         First up in the courtyard is …

Full Steam Ahead!

It is said, that what does kill something makes it stronger and at least a portion of Alt Fest is still alive, which must therefore bode well for "Full Steam Metal Racket", which is taking it's phoenix like shape as this blog is penned.

       A week of rumours, waiting, concern and ultimately an obvious disappointment at Alt Fest's demise can now be replaced with an optimistic air and hasty arrangements for the new venture.

       No mileage in dwelling upon what went wrong. Suffice to say that if nothing more malicious than a degree of naivety was involved, we probably should move swiftly on.

      It appears that the varying ticketing agencies used are making preparations for refunds and hopefully, most people who  spent more than £100 on their Kickstarter pledges should be entitled to recompense from their credit card companies under something by the title of Section 75. So hoping all goes well on that score.

     A quick mention before moving on to the n…