"Hastrekking" Across............Central Derbyshire!

I don't care if you have "man flu" Dale. Play Faster!

                    One can only imagine, that this was the point when Jezebel Steele, burlesque performance artist took centre stage during the rendition of "You Know You Would" at The Matlock Bath Pavilion.

                                                 And homage to THE pink drum kit.  

                                           All pics . courtesy of Karin von Woerden.

    Apologies up front for brevity of content. All due to a decision at the residency from which the blog emanates from to undertake a "small" decorating project. Since this now feels as if it is entering it's second decade, it seems necessary to give a quick heads up on the forthcoming weekend's gigs

      So having found the end of an extension lead protruding from beneath a dust sheet offering electricity, here goes.

     Starting  with a gig at The George and Dragon in Belper, Derbyshire on Thursday Oct, 17th. Yes definitely Thursday, not the usual Friday slot. This is due to BB launching the pub's beer festival.

     Friday and a short jaunt up the A6 to Matlock Bath for a welcome return to The Fishpond, playing downstairs in the bar, which always offers a good atmosphere.

      On Saturday BB will be playing a 45 minutes set from 7.50pm, at "Hastrek", a fabulous looking weekender set up by "The Sonic Rock Solstice" people, in the unlikely surrounds of The South Wingfield Social Club. Sounds spot on though, with two indoor stages and camping in the grounds,

      Also on the Saturday bill starting at 3,45 are Spiral Dive, old friends Metropolis up from Suffolk, Dream Circuit, Omnia Opera and a headlining set from Pre-Med. There is also The Psychedelic Lounge a.k.a. The Cosmic Cupboard, where Glowpeople top the running order.

     Day tickets are available or better still, stick around for The Hawklords, Dr. Has been, Deviant Amps and another excellent band, local to the area, The King Bains.

     Details at   https://www.facebook.com/events/501483199890751/595835967122140/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity.

    South Wingfield sits somewhere in "The Amber Valley Triangle" and is accessible via the YourBus 140/141/142 network from Alfreton, Belper and Matlock.


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