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"BB BlackDog" By BB BlackDog Live at The Flowerpot Derby July 2019

Footage and stereo sound, Live from The Flowerpot Derby

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Dom Dillion, Drums
Dale Rowles, Bass and Vocals
Miles Halpin, Bass
Rayne Fretwell, Dance
Lunecat Films, Video

Big Thanks to everyone at the Rum and Ale Festival Derby, and the Flowerpot for booking us to Headline, Special Thanks to SoundGuy Sid who let us Take a stereo mix from the Desk, as well as making us sound so good

BB BlackDog

BB Blackdog he’s not a fat dog,
He’s a lean mean leg f**king machine,
He eats what he wants, all of the time,
Sleeps near the door, Barks keep out its mine.

Shits outside, fertilises the flowers,
He’s not bothered by sun rain or showers,
Bb blackdog he’s a guard dog,
He’s so fast that nothing gets past,

BB Blackdog, such a clever dog,
Trained so well he’d run through hell,
He protects the house all of the time,
Against muggers, and buggers,
and all kinds of s…

Good and Bad by BB BlackDog Live at the Musician Leicester Feb 2019