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March In To A New Tune

Festival updates to kick off this week and firstly Bearded Theory have switched "The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing" to "The Tornado Town" stage to Sunday night, so that all the Steampunk is on the same day,no timings as yet.

              Birthrite have now been entered on to Glastonbudget's Saturday afternoon line up, taking the 3.15 slot, BB are on at 4pm and Metropolis are scheduled for 5.45. No news yet regarding Crimson Clocks.

             Gladstone are making their rescheduled Glastonbudget Audition Show appearance at The Shed in Leicester on this Friday, the 1st. So anyone around that neighbourhood, on Friday, your support would be much appreciated by them.

            So "all the best" to Gladstone for that one and also to Metropolis and The Preston Steampunk Association who are coming together for all things Steampunk  at "The RetroFuturist Ball", Saturday 6.30 kick off at "Blitz" live venue and n…

Steampunk (It's The Future)

         Two live shows on this weekend's horizon. Friday a short notice appearance at "The Snooty Fox" in Wakefield, a popular venue with the band and easily found on the bottom end of Kirkgate, just out of the city centre.

         Many of the live performance clips you can view on "the net" are from "The Snooty Fox" and some of the footage is destined for use in a futue dvd release.

         Usually gigs can be viewed live on their own stream, check it out on Friday by all means, although it is believed this weeks show is not going out live.

        Saturday The 23rd BB are back at the appropriately named "Steamboat" at Trent Lock a venue whose boards they haven't trod for the best part of two years, however just like the proverbial buses they have two more bookings there this year.

       The Steamboat, a venue with a good reputation for live music, sits on the junction of The Erewash Canal and The River Trent, just outside Long …

Tune In And Chill Out

One outing this weekend, fulfilling a show sadly postponed just prior to the end of last year due to the equipment theft. So a chance to catch the band down in The South West at The Chill Bar in the centre of Ilfracome on Devon's North Coast on Saturday the 16th. Worth tuning into in general and giving BB some good air play, a new internet radio station eminating from deepest Shropshire, Rad Radio, set up by two members of "Space Rockers" "Anubis", check them out and give them a like at Some huge news developing already for 2014 with the inclusion of a "The Steampunk Experience at AltFest",with the setting a large floored marquee dedicated to all things Steampunk.  With IBMs "Social Sentiment Indicator" predicting 2013 as Steampunks breakthrough year this could be seriously good and all part of a bigger festival featuring other dedicated alternative culture arenas. Dates for your diary…

Cold Hands-Warm Hearts

First show of the year and first show with revamped equipment went well at the weekend.

     A huge Thanks to all who performed, traded,toiled behind the scenes and everyone who came to support at "The Pav".

     Back there in June, so everything should be a little warmer for everyone concerned ( this must be the fantastic summer,coming soon, that we have missed for a year or two).

     More thanks go out to all those who helped raise an excellent sum on and around the day towards BB's equipment replacement fund. I won't reiterate the details here since Dale has placed a personal post of gratitude also detailing how the fund is being used and where they are at with the task, on the facebook page, so please have a shufty at!/BBBLACKDOG?fref=ts.

     On the subject of returning to The Pavilion in June, this is for "The Steampunk Summer Solstice", which is moving down from it's inaugural site last year in Wirkswo…