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Fire, Quicksand, Aether!- Oh to be in Germany now that May is near!

BB in full flow at "The Pav" last weekend.

        Apologies for the lack of a blog last week leading up to the Matlock Bath event, unfortunately some gremlins managed to infiltrate the cogs of the machine, resulting in a trip to the local steambotics centre for some remedial activities beyond the ken of mere humans.

       All good now though and upon reflection a good day last Saturday. Nice to have Lord Montague Jaques, recently returned from his native US and making his first appearance. A nice selection of burlesque artists filled the rest of the evening and  as they say "a splendid time was had by all".

         Activities for next week turn to Northern Germany, with appearances spread over three events.

        The first show is at the excellent looking Gut Goertz venue just outside Axel's home village of Heringsdorf, for The May Fire Party on Wednesday April 30th.

        Bands, food and i suppose fairly oblig…

Why, by BB BlackDog, Live Steampunk at the Sonic Rock Solstice

Bit of Psychedelic BB BlackDog Live :-)

Live From 2009 POWER by BB BlackDog

"What You Need" Steampunk rock by BB BlackDog

It's Un-Convention Time

Yes, " No. Two" now available as a download from all self respecting on line stores.

            If you are holding out for the cd,  in all it's tactile and visual glory, i am afraid the wait goes on a little longer. Due to a small glitch concerning the "steambots" at the manufacturing plant, it appears a very late April, most likely May launch is on the cards.

            On the recorded material front, as i have eluded to previously, the third and fourth albums were laid down on last years trip to Germany and it is still planned to release No. 3 within the calendar year. Three being the album where the cover is being montaged from all those portrait shots that many of you contributed.

           Another productive visit to Holstein last month now see's the raw material for No. 5 written and recorded and hopefully we may get the odd one dropped into the summer's live shows.

          Inevitably the delay in the cd's production is keep…