A Steampumkin Time At The Roadhouse

      Well lots of frequent time traveller miles clocked up  last weekend, something in the region of 550 miles, according to The AA, although maybe you shouldn't trust the calculations of recovering alcohlics, in three days. All worth while though, visiting new venues in Bristol and Northamptonshire along with lending support to The Workhouse in Llanfylin's, working weekend.

     The band are doing some easy miles this week before a jaunt across to Germany and The Netherlands in early November.

     Sadly the John Peel Memorial Day at The Victoria in Derby scheduled for Thursday, has been cancelled earlier this week, however BB are taking the opportunity to play there on Thurday night, thus presenting a chance to view their last show in the county until the end of next month.
"The Vic" could not be more ideally situated, positioned directly over the road from Derby Railway Station.

     The other outing this weekend is to headline a fabulous festival of Steampunk, Piracy and genreal Halloween fun, in the shape of "HallowSteam", running from three in the afternoon until late, on Saturday at The Roadhouse in the Stirchley district of Birmingham. It really is a packed programme and at the price of just £10, definitely not one to be missed.

     As aforementioned the venue and an array of Steampunk and associated stalls are open from three and the music kicks off at a quarter to four with the new to the scene, five piece, Metropolis from Bury St. Edmunds, they are followed by the comedy of Count Rostov, unsure wether he is alone or accompanied by any of his fellow performers, eiether way should be entertaining and running on the success of their recently released cd of material from "The Rayguns In aspic" show.

    A solid gold line up of Steampunk music, in all it's forms ensues after the comedy with the BlackCountrySteampunk of Tipton's, Birthrite, Gladstone from Northants, ever growing in stature, with their prog/punk tales of old, The Cogkneys from Notts bringing their music hall inspired show and the mellower tones of Brum's very own Crimson Clocks and Thanks to them for bringing it all together.

    It cannot get better than that! I hear you shout. Well as they say there is more. Special guests are pirate rockers The Seas Of Mirth, not sure how many they number for the night, but expect lots of them, they are eccentric and exciting. Oh and not to forget, rocking into the night with  Demolitia and the boys.

   An excellent guide to the proceedings and details of The Roadhouse's wherabouts and how to drive or use public transport to arrive is available at http://www.facebook.com/CrimsonClocks/info#!/events/266831283431318/

    Have not seen any cheap accomodation recently in the city, so good luck shopping around, if you are not already sorted. So a timely moment to mention, that for The Steampunk Christmas Bash at Wakefield, the Travelodge on Lower Warrengate, about five to ten minutes walk up Kirkgate from The Snooty Fox venue, are still offering double rooms at £27.70 and they will go up soon.


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