A Steamin Night In The Second City


      Pictures courtesy of Linzie Cooke, top two and Willam F Thorneye for the bottom two. All taken last Saturday during the excellent Hallowsteam event at The Roadhouse, Birmingham.

      Last week's planned fairly quiet weekend turned hectic in the end, with the Derby and Birmingham jaunts punctuated with a little trip to Whitehaven on The Cumbrian Coast to play The John Paul Jones.

      This week will definitely provide some respite, prior to a round trip to Germany's Baltic Coast at the end of next week, involving six shows in eight days.

      With Axel already gone ahead, to catch up at home, it leaves just one engagement this weekend.
 On Friday Dale and his guitar are travelling to the delightful, real ales a speciality, Princess Victoria in Matlock Bath for an evening of music dance.

      It was a fantastic gathering at The Roadhouse last week of Steampunk music and comedy and really nice to see Metropolis on their maiden performace.

      Another similar gathering for your diaries is the Christmas event at The Snooty Fox on Saturday 22nd of December,which is being pulled together by BB, with Crimson Clocks, Gladstone and Birthrite already confirmed along with Lord Montague Jaque Fromage III visiting from The States again.

       A mention also, that whilst BB are on the continent, Gladstone, Birthrite, Crimson Clocks and Metropoplis are sharing a bill on Saturday 10th November at The Shed in Leicester.

      If you visit the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/BBBLACKDOG?fref=ts the final part, number seven of the Steal The Show package is now available.

      So all for now, back early next week, with Euro Tour details.


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