No Sleep Till Hamburg(smith)

The pictures are from the green screen competition held earlier in the year and are currently being used to promote shows in Germany.

             Excellent reports coming back from the festival in Arnhem of a great reception and thanks once again to one and all who made the band feel so welcome.

            A very busy schedule this week in the North of Germany and full details of the venues and show times are available from last week's blog or the band page at .

          Just a brief recap

      Tuesday 13th Chill Bar Palenke, Kiel
      Wednesday 14th-Hexenkessel, Oldenburg In Holstein
      Thursday 15th-Alten Zum alten Zolln, Lubeck
      Friday 16th-Cafe Coma, Bad Segebeg

and a final stopover for a private party in Hamburg on Saturday before the long haul back to Derbyshire and a little respite. Only the one gig planned for the following weekend at home town Belper's, George And Dragon.

     As the band are playing The palenke in Kiel on Tuesday, here is a resurrection of a local media item from a previous visit there in February of 2008.

    "Tonight, the last hope of dark and heavy 70's blues rock is playing at The Palenke Club in Kiel." "The breadth of the bands musical style is equitable to the experience of it's band members......BB Blackdog are an encyclopedia of music business knowledge in one creative unit."
                            Michael Robers, GuestListMusic- Feb 6th 2008

      Could not have said it better today!

      Up until that point BB had played more in Germany than the UK and you may or may not be aware the band was conceived there, somewhere in the first half of 2007.

      Legend has, that Stefan Bekker being given some studio time for his birthday, invited Dale back to Germany, where they had met previously to see what could be achieved with 2 basses and drums(enter Axel stage left). The rest as they say is history.

     However. not one feels, a particularly well documented history. So when the chaps return home we will endeavour to throw some illuminations on these shrouded beginings, marrying personnal recollection to the bits of exsisting archive and hopefully recount the truth, some of the truth and possibly nothing like the truth, as part the next blog or two.


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