This Is Brewery Tap- Turn it up to 11


       The latest vict...sorry...volunteer for Gimp being given the treatment by Demolitia at The George and Dragon last Friday.

       A good turn out at what is ostensibly Dale's local last week to welcome the band's return to playing in the UK.

       Another chance to catch them close to home this coming Sunday, when they play the Brewey Tap in Derby, which is just over the bridge the from the city centre on Derwent Street, just five minutes walk from the bus station, where as usual, the start is around the four o clock mark for a late afternoon early evening show.

      It is hard to believe that fifty one weeks have passed by since it was the venue for 2011's end of the year performance, with Axel returning to Germany for Christmas afterwards. Having just been home, this time around he is staying here, so BB playing right through to the new year.

     Having mentioned The Steampunk Christmas Show!/events/413281588718564/ last week, worth covering the other all dayer before the end of the year, which is DogFest to be held at The Black Market in Market Warsop, Notts, on Saturday the 8th of December. Fun and frolics from 1pm, Ferocious Dog already joined the bill, see!/events/400416679995269/ to keep up with information on this one.

     OK History Of The World: Part One - BB Blackdog

     Dale has kindly joined up the dots on how The Dog was born. I think it certainly supports the theory of six degrees of seperation.

      In the Mid Noughties Dale was living in the UK with a girlfriend who hailed originally from Lubeck, the principal city of Ostholstein. Whilst spending time in the region, Dale was introduced to a local guitar maker by the name of Stefan Becker, who for those newer followers, was the to become the original other bass in the band.

     Moving forwards to June of 2006 and with Dale and girlfriend now persuing different interests. So with the football World Cup being in Germany and Dale as all England followers, filled with the sense of destiny, that the cup was coming home, he set off to attend some games and catch up with friends he had made there, including spending more time with Stefan.

     Later in the year Stefan came to stay with Dale in England, with the purpose of showing some of the guitars he had made to UK vendors. This is the point at which jamming with two basses, they started to form the ideas that became the BB sound.

     So all for now, next week we will recount the tale of the first recordings and how the BB Blackdog puppy, took it's fledgling steps on a short UK tour.

     Two video clips just gone on the facebook page worth a look. An extended version of Music Teacher, featuring two guest harmonica players, filmed by Paul Bednall from The Grorge and Dragon September 2011 and the rendition of Radiohead's Creep from the Friday at the Fishpond, Matlock Bath last month, featuring home made guitar and Barbie toy drum kit, captured by Tayami Kay. Available at!/BBBLACKDOG?fref=ts




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