It's The End Of The World As We Know It( And I Feel Fine)

        Could not resist the humorous take on Friday, shared by Gordon Stoker courtesy of an Austrian page entitled Athiesm. Since the prophecies of a people who did not forsee the coming of The Spanish Conquistadors should probably not to be overly trusted, a more festive offering from the BB archive. If you wondering what Mr. J Ferguson is up to now, more later.

        A quick reminder of the show with Montague Jaques Fromage III at The South Sea in Broomhill, Sheffield tonight, details in last weeks edition.

        Six more dates lined up to conclude 2012 on 118 gigs! Although, all remaining shows are of course, subject to the world not ending on Friday.

       On Friday BB and MJFIII head north a little to The Black Swan, Bradford, which is on Thornton Road, serviced by the615/6 bus from Bradford Interchange. The bill for the night is completed by local bluesman Ben "Blue" Waters.

       I suppose, it is one not to be missed, after all, if the Mayans transpire to be correct, then BB could be playing to a bigger pyrotechnic backdrop than Floyd/Muse and Ramstein could amass between them."Yes tonight, for one night only, The Black Swan, Bradford, you could be "The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe"".

      Back in West Yorkshire on Saturday, for The Steampunk Christmas/Winter Solstice bash at The Snooty Fox, Wakefield on Kirkgate, just out ot the city centre. A good turn out already looking assured and the local Travelodge on Warrengate still with rooms available, so come and join us.

     An afternoon start, with stalls, tea duelling and general antics. Music from early evening with a fabulous line up of BB, Montague Jaques and three bands who require no introduction, Birthrite, Cimson Clocks and Gladstone.

    The proceedings will be available live on the web via the venues feed and personalised dvds can be purchased after the event for £15, for final details and timings, keep an eye on the facebook events page!/events/413281588718564/

    Fast forwarding to Friday the 28th and Demolitia and the boys travel to The Patriot Inn, Crumlin South Wales home to The Patriot MC, military bike club, where they are sharing the stage with Nighon Maiden, considered one of the UK's leading tribute bands. £8 on the door, for venue details see
   Saturday the 29th sees them at The Chill Bar, in Ilfracombe on The Devonian North Coast, the venue is on Fore Street in the centre of the town.
    The busy weekend continues on Sunday, back in Derby at The Sitwell Tavern billed as "Punk meets Steampunk "The Punks" being Gripper And The Gurnards who also hail from Belper featuring non other than exBB bassist John "(Dark)Horse" Ferguson. On drums!

    And the final act of 2012, an appearance at The Fishpond's New Years Eve Party in Matlock Bath.
also featuring local six maybe even seven piece band The Legendary Steaming Isaacs for a night of SteamPunk versus SkaFunk. Tickets £12.

   Wow, so much happening this week, we are out of space to revisit the 2007 archive story, That will definitely be continued in the next blog, the first of 2013.

    No blog next week, even if the world doesn't end!

   All that remains for this year, is to wish you all, whichever creed, culture, tribe or belief, you may belong, a splendid time with your festivities.



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