And The Full Monty(gue Jaques Fromage show)

Some more of the green screen competition entries, which are being used to promote upcoming shows and one of Montague, showing his British support.
Yes the enigmatic Montague Jaques Fromage returns to these shores for a short visit, arriving from The States today.
He will be joining BB in a busy period leading up to Christmas for five shows, six if the final touches can be put to plans for an outing in Nottingham, before taking the airship back to The Colonies on Christmas Eve.
First off,(This Sunday) should be a good night, at what has to go down as Dale's local. An early start at eight should have the business concluded for ten, to allow for an early bed or to join the party which is likely to ensue later.The show is also going to be recorded, potentially for a live cd. The venue is The Bulls Head at Belper Lane End, well known locally for it's real ales, including some brewed by the landlord.
Belper Lane End is about a mile from Belper town centre, so a fairly cheap cab ride or walking, head out on The A6(Bridge Street) towards Matlock, left at the traffic lights, over the river and right by The Talbot and follow the road. It may be worth a pint in The Talbot, to offer fortitude for the hill and another in The Hilltop (which presumably will receive a blue pack in due course as the venue for the first BB live set), as a reward. Then it is gradually downhill to The Bulls Head. Mmm, sounds like a plan.
Tuesday brings a gig at The Victoria in Derby, handily positioned directly opposite the entrance to the railway station.
The following night the venue is The South Sea in Sheffield's Broomhill, the venue is on Spooner Lane, just off the junction of Crookes Road/Fulwood Road, the 120 bus from town runs close by.
More details next week about BB and MJFIII at The Black Swan, Bradford and The Steampunk Christmas Party at Wakefield's Snooty Fox.
And now another little delve back into the 2007 archives courtesy of Arne Saknuesemm's parchment chronicles(well Dale's blog from the time actually).
So, after a satisfactory first gig, the following day brought a trip into The Black Country, The Hollybush in Cradley Heath. At the time, an unknown venue to the band. BB playing last with three other bands and an accoustic opener. The venue transpires to be very small, however the best part of two hundred, mostly young, people have shoe horned their way in. Having watched the opener and three, very good, very young, bands play BB hit the stage with two, very worried Germans.
The sound is not so good, however consummately professional, the band get stuck into their set, playing fast and loud. By now the time is around eleven thirty and the mostly young people present seem oblivious to any sound issues, having consumed alcohol, the way only mostly young British crowds do Friday nights.
Axel and Stefan remain somewhat disgruntled at the sound post gig, however the reception can not be argued with, pogoing had broken out in the mosh pit, five cd's sold and The Germans, well and truely introduced to all the finery that is English pub rock.
A trip into Derby planned for Saturday, to take in a radio slot and all is going well..........except, for those who remember June 2007 in England, this was the weekend it really rained.......more next week.


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