It's Dogging Night On saturday!

      One outing for the band this coming weekend as part of the DogFest at another home venue, The Black Market at Market Warsop near Mansfield, Notts. This being Mike's home town. The all day event runs 12 until 12 on Saturday the 8th.

        Along with BB are Ferocious Dog, a six piece folk/rock band, who are local to the area and Gaz Brookfield, from Bristol, who has been opening for The Levellers on their recent tour, dancing is courtesy of Demolitia and crew plus the pyrotechnic Hell On High Heelz duo.

       Admission for the day is £5 and is available on the door. Full line up and details at!/events/400416679995269/

       Quick reminder of the other big event before Christmas, which is The Steampunk Christmas Special at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on the 22nd and with numbers growing for this, if you wish to attend, could you confirm your intentions by joining the event at!/events/413281588718564/.

       Next Tuesday the 11th the band are popping down to The Roadhouse in Birmingham for the Glastonbudget Auditions night, alongside, Trouble With Tuesday, a indie rock band from Herts/cambs. and Brum acts, Barefoot Runners, a more traditional rock band, Quo Motion( a tribute to guess who) and acoustic performers Matt Sheehan and The Stuart Bishop all for the price of a fiver.

       Glastonbudget is a festival in Leicestershire with a growing reputaion, so let us hope for a favourable reception.

        Now back to 2007 to pick up the story of the nebulous BB.

       In January Stefan invited Dale back to Germany to further explore the bass, bass concept with the addition of drums, the catalyst being, that he was given a couple of days studio time for his birthday.

       So with two days of writing and two more of recording with studio drummer Chris Duis the first batch of BB songs was spawned. I've Had My Fill and Don't Want, which went on to be part of the first album, Naive Common Sence which became a track on the latest release, All Your Shit, now a popular inclusion in recent live sets and John Deere Cap, now long in need of a dust down.

      A week or two down the line and Stefan had made the tunes available on and with them making a quick impression the rock top ten and with some highly favourable comments, the decision was taken to complete an album of material and make BB Blackdog a band.

     April brought a week of writing and recording back at The Rosenquarz Tonstudio in Lubeck and with Chris Duis unavailable, the search for a full time drummer heralded the entrance of Axel, whom Stefan had spent time with in German Death Metal band Incubator.( Yes it does read Death Metal)

     The additional songs to make the release were: BB Blackdog, When I Met You, Good and Bad, Can You Just, Problems, What You Need and Gimp. A few copies of the cd are still available at gigs, grab one quick if you would like one though, as another reissue is unlikely.

     Into May and with a 12 date German tour lined up for September, the band decided to set up a short tour in England at the end of June. A late decision. However Dale managed to book five gigs and a radio slot.

    Late June and with Axel furnished with a tall pink drum kit and two days practice behind them, the boys set off for sunny Belper.

    Thankfully due to Dale's foresight of blogging their early exploits, we have a vivid recollection from the first ever gig.

    The venue could not have been much closer to Dale's abode at The Hilltop pub, which is about the first or last pub in Belper, depending on how you look at it. As Dale put it at the time "a music police gig" with about eighty invited friends, family and fellow musicians in attendance. A good start, with a few self confessed mistakes, Dale penned at the time. However more than happy with nearly two hours of playing and a good reception.

      After the show Axel disappeared into the night, partying until the dawn with some of Dale's friends and Stefan retired with Dale back to his to reflect.
      To quote directly from the time. ""Downing a few beers at mine we annalised the gig (we were very "annal" and by bed, very "ised" as well)"



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