The Circus Of Heaven Comes To Town

                           Axel, the latest successor to the title of "Dread Pirate Roberts" ?

          BB are playing tonight, Thursday May the 2nd at The Hexenkessel in Oldenberg in Holstein in preperation for Saturdays festival outing.

         They are being joined for the night by Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III, fresh in from The States.

         On Saturday they will be playing at "Aethercircus" a dedicated Steampunk festival now in it's second year.

         The two day festival takes place in the magnificant looking Fortress Grauerort, built by The Prussians in the late 1800s on the banks of The Elbe river.

         The venue is situated in Stade, with transportation links to nearby Hamburg available.

        Proceedings begin at 11am on both days, with a full programme on Saturday and an early evening finish on the Sunday.

         Several authors will be present, giving readings and with workshops featuring dance, drawing, utilising old light bulbs, copper chasing and jewelery making along with a market, there should be plenty to fill the daytimes.

       At five o clock the the evening programme swings into action, with the intriguing prospect of "a live radio play".

      Beyond that "Drachenflug", who are supplying music for the play move on to play a set in their own right.

      BB follow them at 7pm and the night continues with two more German bands, The Violet and Aeronautica.

       Lord Monty has is own slot on the Sunday at 4.30pm. He also accompanies BB back to "Blighty" next week and will be with them at The Chill Bar in Ilfracombe on Friday the 10th and "Steampunks in Springtime on the 11th.

     A weekend ticket for "Aethercircus" costs 20 euros and details can be found at .

     On the subject of Continental Steampunk festivals, BB have confirmed this week, that they will be returning to Arnhem in November for this years "Emporium Vernesque".

     Oh and Thanks to all those of you, who have donted pictures for the album artwork project.




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