If You Go Down In The Woods Today (Well next week)?

            The new facebook page header, now featuring Sven on the right, in recognition of his contributions to BB BlackDog as bass player for both the latest recording sessions and on stage in Europe and also the production of the new album.

           Talking new album, it is now complete as a recording and awaiting the artwork completion. It is therefore anticipated that a release will be made in the not too distant future, August looking likely.

           With no more work to do on the album and no live performances for a couple of weeks, to save the devil finding work, attentions are turning to a new video shoot with Karin from the Qwoonswierd crew, who have filmed the band live on a few occasions.

           No final decision on which song will be accompanying it yet and not wishing to say too much about content, let us just say folk tale with a twist and lots of woodland shooting.

           A quick peek into what the rest of June brings another mixed bag of live shows.

           Saturday June 15th brings BB and upon his welcome return from the colonies, Lord Montague Jaques Fromage III to The Cask Corner Dive Bar in Doncaster, to coincide with the Doncaster Steampunk event. http://www.steampunkdoncaster.org/

          The Premier Inn Doncaster Central is looking good fot this one, however it appears they have caught on to something happening as doubles are now standing at £50.

         The following day it is Northwards to Hartlepool and the rather cool looking "Tiffin On The Trinc" event, "The Trinc" being the HMS Trincamolee an 1817 frigate http://tiffinonthetrinc.blogspot.co.uk/.

        Hartlepool Marina Travelodge, very close and currently at £37 for a double or check in with The Teesdale Steampunks for partying on details.

        The weekend of the 21st is the three day "Sonic Rock Solstice" in Wales http://www.sonicrocksolstice.com/.

       We round June off with "The Steampunk Solstice" in good old Victorian Matlock bath, which this year is being extended to a three day weekend.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/dspttg/?fref=ts#!/events/210485509093484/. Will go into more detail next week,.

       Some good news to add though, is that eminant London Steampunk protagonist Tom Slatter, will be coming up to perform a solo slot, featuring music from his extensive Steampunk back catalogue. http://comraderobot.com/tomslatter/?page_id=2


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