A Home Banker, A Long Away Day And Finally A Lock In(n)

      A busy weekend kicks off on Friday the 17th with a home town gig (well at least for Dale) at The George and Dragon on Bridge Street in Belper.

      Saturday see's the BB BlackMobile (OK, so it's mostly orange, let us call it poetic license) heading Southbound to Frome in Somerset for it's first Steampunk Extravaganza.

      More details in last week's blog or at http://www.steamcheese.moonfruit.com/.

       The timings are now known for the evening show. Doors are at 6.30pm

   The self styled poetrix, Muriel Lavender opens at 6.50 followed by BB Blackdog at seven, playing for 50 minutes.A short interlude for the best dressed awards and on to Sunday Driver at ten past eight until nine. Interspersed with some burleque routines "The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing" at 9.15 and Professor Elemental at 10.30.

     The excellent news is that Professor Elemental's presence affords the opportunity to give the BB/Prof collaboration "Steampunk Convention" it,s first live airing. Be warned though, this is one of those tunes, that you end up randomly humming to yourself once you have been exposed to it!

     On Sunday it is back to Derbyshire and the highly rated "Bearded Theory" Festival in the magnifcant grounds of the 18th Century Kedleson Hall, just outside the northern skirts of Derby.

     Whilst there is no coordinated Steampunk programme, both "The Men" and Sunday Driver are also playing.

     Still no actual stage timings available yet. However BB are headlining the "Lock Inn" stage and "The Men" will be doing similar on  the"Tornado Town" stage, same stage for Sunday Driver who are fifth on the bill.

     The good news is that these stages are quite close together.

     Even better news, they are seperated only by the food area.

    On the assumption that beer (and this is being provided by the fabulous Thornbridge Brewery from Bakewell) is available close by and the British Summer arrives in the nick of time, it should be an superb day.

     The day also features The Levellers, Stiff Little Fingers and The Farm and with music spread over four stages there should be something for everyone's tastes.

     Day tickets at £37.50 and £79 for the weekend and full details at http://www.beardedtheory.co.uk/



Magnificent agendas, all. Amazing performers... TRULY wish I was there for Frome, Bearded Theory, et al... alas, back in the US of A ... but will be returning than a Gimp can wink an eye. And the Prof/BB Blackdog tune will inspire disc jockeys to sit up and take notice! With double barreled talent, how can it NOT land up in the top 10 listings. Steampunk Music has finally come of age!

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