Tune In And Chill Out

         One outing this weekend, fulfilling a show sadly postponed just prior to the end of last year due to the equipment theft. So a chance to catch the band down in The South West at The Chill Bar in the centre of Ilfracome on Devon's North Coast on Saturday the 16th.
Worth tuning into in general and giving BB some good air play, a new internet radio station eminating from deepest Shropshire, Rad Radio, set up by two members of "Space Rockers" "Anubis", check them out and give them a like at http://www.facebook.com/RadRadioUK?group_id=0.
Some huge news developing already for 2014 with the inclusion of a "The Steampunk Experience at AltFest",with the setting a large floored marquee dedicated to all things Steampunk.
 With IBMs "Social Sentiment Indicator" predicting 2013 as Steampunks breakthrough year this could be seriously good and all part of a bigger festival featuring other dedicated alternative culture arenas. Dates for your diary are August 15th to 17th 2014. Tickets go on sale next month though.
In the closer distance tickets now on sale for April 13ths "Day Of The Dog" at The Fishpond, Matlock via the event page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/events/445535842180074/.
It looks like a line up of nine now with in addition to those listed on the event page, 3 Second Fuse, Gladstone, Gripper and The Gurnards and The King Bains. The page will soon be updated to include these.
The events page is also launched for "The Steampunk Summer Solstice" again in Matlock Bath, centred on The Grand Pavilion over the weekend of June 28th/30th http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/events/210485509093484/.
         One breaking addition to this is the news that "The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing" will be making the trip up from London to play on the bill.
It is all so damned exciting, it is hard to an intake of breath.
More news next week and now to round off our account of The 2007 German Tour.
 After "The Jagerschnitzel incident" a much "leaner" Dale was ready to go again, when misfortune struck again, in the form of a car crash involving the guy who was booking shows and playing with the other band on the bill. Rendering him unfit to play and with thoughts going out, to him and his wife shows are cancelled.
BB play a pair of private parties and with a couple of days to spare manage to book some replacement gigs and some studio time.
September 17th and it's Dale's own Birthday Bash at a secret location (well The Sunset Bar in Heiligenhafen actually). The place becomes filled to the rafters and BB entertain in three 45 minute bursts, to accomodate smoking breaks, since the bar is, unusually, for Germany of the time, non smoking.
The night concludes messily after all the beer has been consumed and everyone has moved onto large shots and cocktails.
Some free time to write and practise A catalouge of 24 songs honed and ready, with the ambition of recording all in five days of studio time, later in the month.
Not all work and no play though, a bar tour of Lubeck was managed and a party entered into at midnight with a 7am bed the following day. Ah those were the days my friends!
The next live show was at The Dreamland Bar in Steinkamp Fehmarn,.A new crowd and for Dale a new drink "Jagermeister". Everything went well with the new crowd and pretty much everything went wrong with the new drink, qouted as the worst hangover ever.
Still as they "every days a school day" and Dale now lives by the mantra "If it's German in origin, Black in colour and prefixed with word Jager (hunter) then avoid it.


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