March In To A New Tune

              Festival updates to kick off this week and firstly Bearded Theory have switched "The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing" to "The Tornado Town" stage to Sunday night, so that all the Steampunk is on the same day,no timings as yet.

              Birthrite have now been entered on to Glastonbudget's Saturday afternoon line up, taking the 3.15 slot, BB are on at 4pm and Metropolis are scheduled for 5.45. No news yet regarding Crimson Clocks.

             Gladstone are making their rescheduled Glastonbudget Audition Show appearance at The Shed in Leicester on this Friday, the 1st. So anyone around that neighbourhood, on Friday, your support would be much appreciated by them.

            So "all the best" to Gladstone for that one and also to Metropolis and The Preston Steampunk Association who are coming together for all things Steampunk  at "The RetroFuturist Ball", Saturday 6.30 kick off at "Blitz" live venue and nightclub in the city.

          No shows for BB this week. Indeed since, despite the best efforts of all concerned the tour to The States, which was to occupy the entirety of March has had to be cancelled, no live shows scheduled until April.

         That said it will not be an unproductive period, with the plan now being to get some studio time booked.

        The intent is to get some more songs recorded for future album releases, some pieces as part of collaborations with Professor Elemental and Montague Jaques Fromage and maybe a Christmas single.

         Additionally to get the mastering done on The Number 2 album and the Steampunk compilation, which Dale has been putting together in the background for some time, with a view to getting cds launched.

         All in all, with rest of the year filling up with an exciting programme of announced and planning stage shows an ideal opportunity to make progress with the recorded  stuff.

         Of course not to say that the odd gig may not crop up inbetween and we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, should they occur.

        Next scheduled appearance is now "The Day Of The Dog" fundraiser at The Fishpond in Matlock Bath on April 13th, which will feature the cream of both Steampunk and local Derbyshire bands, dancers and general frivolity in a packed progamme from 2pm.

       The show could very likely sell out so if you are up for it get in early. Tickets and details at!/events/445535842180074/.

       Last item for this week is to say a huge Thank You to all those of you who supported the Indiegogo fundraising event, which closed earlier today having reached the magestic mark of $1676.



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