It's Only Gone And Arrived!

     If you went down to the woods at Bearded Theory  i am sure you were pleasantly surprised.

                                     For BB's  stage show has morphed again.

     A resplendent stage company of seven. Axel, Dale, Molly and Sven sharing the low bass, the new addition of Sue and Nansy from Red Ruff, providing backing vocals and the indomitable Lord Montague assuming the role of ringmaster to this positive Steampunk Rock Circus. All adding their on stage antics to a musical programme , full of power, subtlety and mischief.

          For more about Red Ruff, check out their website , they also appear fairly regularly at the Monday night sessions which Dale runs at The Bulls Head, Belper Lane End.

       Credit also to the festival organisers for creating a the superb "Locked In The Woods" stage setting.

  Great vibes and receptions at both Steampunk events last weekend in Frome and Morecambe too and the summer season off and running. I am sure the weather will join in the spirit of it all soon.

                      The great news now abounds, that The No. 2 cds have arrived.

          And what a package it is, 12 tracks covering the full remit of BB's style, an mp3 bonus of LMJIII reading the accompanying story and a 24 page booklet containing the full story "The Dog Awakes", conceptualised by Dale and Sean Varney and expanded by LM Cooke, Steampunk author and vocalist with Crimson Clocks. All augmented by the exceptional artwork of Russ Leach.

                  Check out more of Russ Leach's work at

          The original recording session dates back some time, hence it is John Ferguson on low bass, Sven joining in on the production and engineering.

                Oh yes, a nice touch, the spine matches up neatly with the  No.1 cd.

       So, with an audible gasp of anticipation i hear you cry, where can we purchase this treasury of music, spoken and written word and visual art?

          Well in due course from Steampunk Records. For now though, why not join BB for the launch part at The Bulls Head, Belper Lane End on Saturday, June 7th, where no less than eight new videos, from the hand of Karin's LuneCat Film venture, will be on show, including the one featuring many of you tramping through the woods in pursuit of Little Steampunk Riding Hood.

        Should that not prove sufficient fare, the first twenty purchasers of the album, will receive a complimentary pint of the available local Shottle Farm ales of their choice mmmmmm.

                       How much pray, does this cornucopia of delights cost me?

 A mere ten British pounds for the cd. The films and assured good company and conversation are gratis.

        For those who cannot attend the launch, the films will be shown again the following weekend as part of BB's "Steampunk Mid-Summer Jamboree", set in the imposing Llanfyllin Workhouse amid the dramatic Gwent countryside. Details at

      No less dramatic, the setting for the "4th Annual Steampunk Solstice" at The Matlock Bath Pavilion on the 28th of the month, this year condensed to it's original one day format, look out for details at



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