Steampunk Dale In The Derbyshire Dales

         Yes. Dale in The Dales, Saturday 8th at The Fishpond, Matlock Bath.

        This is a late booking featuring "Steampunk Dale" doing his solo acoustic set, in the downstairs bar. This normally consists of an eclactic range of covers being given the Dale tratment.

        Late booking then. Guess the, Dale Diva coming soon posters, around town, must be for something completely different!

        It will be busy day, considering during the afternoon BB plus a glittering array of Steampunk extras will be filming the  second and final day of their new video shoot with Qwoonswierd's Karin at the helm in a highly secret location somewhere in Derbyshire.

       So talking of Matlock Bath, it is fast approaching "The Steampunk Summer Solstice", centred on village's Grand Pavilion. It always feels strange speaking of Matlock Bath as a village, however that is it's officil title.

       Someone pointed out to myself this week that strictly speaking the weekend of the 28th-30th is not actually The Solstice.
     A matter of no concern i replied.

    Since time travel is integral to Steampunk, upon commencment of the event at 4pm on the Friday the time will be fixed at exactly 5.04am June 21st 2013 until returning to current the time stream at just after 9pm on the Sunday, so as not cause any confusion.

     In "real" time the market is open from four on the Friday and the music runs from seven.

     The market and venue open at 11am both Saturday and Sunday. Music running throughout the day Saturday and from 5pm until 9pm on the Sunday.

    Time percludes embroidering on the musical line up for now, suffice to say that all three days are quite mouth watering.

    Daytime activities are free admission and tickets for the evening sessions are £10 per day or £20 for the weekend.

    Tickets and programme information at!/events/210485509093484/.

     Last item for this week, is a reminder about next years Alt Fest.

    The organisers are on the verge of announcing event headliners. From that point tickets will increase in price. So a last chance approaching to get your tickets at deal prices.
    The event includes "The Steampunk Experience" arena, along with Gothic, metal, Industrial, circus and a main stage.

    Check out the Steampunk ticket portal at




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