Solstice Bells By Bulith Wells

A shorter blog today in order for a quick release. Unfortunate loss of the "wonderweb" yesterday, so need to publish in order for Sonic Rock reference to be relevant.
It is Sonic Rock Solstice at (well just above), The Royal Welsh Showgrounds outside Bulith Wells, Powys. For trains look for Bulith Road station, it is about a mile walk frrom there.
So if you wish to rush off now, it is completely understood. Oh and do not panic, music does not get under way until 4pm.
Tickets are now £80 for the weekend at the gates. Day passes for Friday when BB are playing, are available at £25.
Yes BB and Lord Montague are off to Wales to rub shoulders with the Space and Psychedelic Rock fraternity, this Solstice Day and may we extend felicitations to you upon our longest, if not (in Derbyshire at least) the brightest of days.
Tonights headliner is, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown and trust me, having seen the show earlier in 2013, the years have been kind to this Rock Blue blood.
The bill also includes the equally illustrious, Nik Turner, someone Axel beguiled upon their previous meeting at "On Board The Craft" in his Project 9 incarnation.
Also a reformed Omnia Opera, Dr. Hasbeen, who played on BB's Pav show in February,Crucified Twins, Durban, Mother of Six and Tang.
Headline acts for Saturday and Sunday are Astralasia and Nine Below Zero.
A quick mention of bassists, a massive round of applause for Molly May for her superb contribution last weekend.
Now a disambiguation from last weeks blog, regarding "Newton".
As that famous English Newton, Sir Isaac stated in his third law, which if memory serves, goes somthing like "every inaccuracy should have an equal and opposite accuracy"
Which is to say that, the gravity defying bass playing in Hamburg earlier this year was supplied by the German "Newton". So my apologies.
Two last mentions. It is "The Steampunk Summer Solstice" next weekend.
                . Plus one for the week after, when BB will be playing at The Old Bulls Head Beer and Music Festival, Dales local at Belper Lane End.


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