BB Blackdog- Hay Mo, Where you Going With That OS Map In Your Hand


               Pictures courtesy of Laurine Clifford Photography

                Picture courtesy of William F Thorneye                                                                                                                                                       

What a special day Saturday turned out to be at The Steampunk Summer Solstice.

            So illness caused the loss of Harriet and the weather accounted for Moth, the steam engine, fair ground rides and games.

       That aside everything else was superb and a big thank you to all the  performers, organisers, traders and attendees, who in terrific British fashion did not allow the inclemency of the weather, to get in the way of a damned good time.

   The pace and quality of the music and dancing excelled all day and a special mention to DH Lawrence and The Vauderville Skiffle Show, for stepping in late and treating the crowd to a set of pyscho skiffle through to lo fi folk/country.

   With old school Steampunks mingling with new friends , some attending for their first, time at such an event, really gave an overwhelmingly delightful vibe.

   Bigger and better next year then! A lot learned this time around and set for a grander version in 2013, possibly extended to two or even three days. Comments or suggestions on a postcard or at least via the etherweb.

   A relatively quiet weekend ahead, with two more outdoor appearance in the offing, currently both scheduled for Friday, however one may change to Saturday for conveniences sake.

   One performance is at MoFest a free three day event in a field just outside Nottingham, open as the organisers put it "to anyone who isn't a tosser". For exact location and line up, check out their facebook group page.

For the other show it is The Ashley Hay Festival, where the motto is "Partying hard for good causes". The Friday/Saturday event features a huge array of local acts over two stages and is priced at £20 for the weekend with camping, £5 for under12s. Due to limited parking availability and since this is a green festival parking is £15.

   Again exact location from the festival webstie, although if you know Derbyshire at all and the wherabouts of The Malt Shovel pub on the Bolehill-Alderwasley road, above Wirksworth and The Derwent Valley you will be close. Transpeak bus and train will  to Whatstandwell in the valley, then it's over the bridge and upwards.

  So if you are feeling sufficiently waterproof, check the websites and maps, then choose between the delights of the Notts. or Derbys countryside. 






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