BB Blackdog- Exile A Long Way From Main Street

 Picture courtesy of Dark Wolf Photograpy

   Yes it is actually Gladstone on stage, just love the picture taken at The Steampunk Summer Solstice.

   Apologies for lateness and brief nature of this week's blog, where does tempus fugit to.

    Two more damp outings last week in the end, at MoFest and after Ashley Hay didn;t work out, a late booking on the Sunday for Angels And Demons Festival at The Steamboat in Sawley.

   So onwards and upwards, another festival appearance on Friday, it is July on Sunday, maybe the weather will change, still time for a 76esque two months yet.

   It is to The Belper Exile Festival on Friday, a highly regarded and growing event, to which the band are headlining. The site opens at 1pm, with music from 6.30, Dave Everitt opening, followed by Waking Vegas, Haiku Salut and Bluebird Parade. Tickets are £20 for the evenning or £55 for the weekend which runs all through Saturday and until 5pm on the Sunday.Camping included in weekend tickets.

  The festival is now, certainly exile from Belper, on the plus side it's new location is in beautiful, woodland clearing above Darley Dale at Sabine Hay. The Tranpeak, 6.1 or 214(215 Sunday) will all drop you, at The Whitworth Intitute on the A6 in Darley, it is then about a mile walk, following the Winster, then Stanton In The Peak roads until you reach the top of a sligh incline, keeping heading up the track as the road swings right. The less frequent 172 service from Matlock will gain you another half to The Three Stags pub in Darley Bridge. Trains run to Matlock and you can treat yourself to a Peak Rail, journey onwards to the delightful Darley station, turning right out of the station, you are on the right road.






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