BB Blackdog- Fly-driving home for Easter

                                                   Picture courtesy of Margeurite Ryback

    Picture taken at Anomaly in Denver last week.

    Bit of a slow news blog this week, whilst the band travel back from The States. Even in these days of ethernet, no real feedback from the weekend in Texas. No surprise really, i know the chaps had the long drive back to Denver to catch the flight back. All due to the absurdities of modern travel. It was cheaper on the Airship for a round trip to Denver, than for singles!

   One thing for definite is that they will be visiting the U.S. again next year, if indeed not later this year.

   Having had a little ethernet surf, it becomes evident that, the scope is certainly there for BB Blackdog, i think therabouts each state has a Steampunk convention or fair of it's own.

   It will be interesting to catch up with the band, to see how the shows compare with UK events. First appearances suggest that the Americans do explore the whole literature, psuedo science and even sociology of the genre somewhat deeper than in the UK.

   Three other quick mentions this week.

   The Pledge Music project appears to have stagnated and with only 3 weeks left to achieve the target, it is time to throw some illumination upon it again. If you wish to browse what is on offer check out . Really hope we can pull this one together. It should happen, after all, if only a quarter of the people who "like" the BB Blackdog facebook page pledged to buy the second album(complete with the 3 videos) at £8 each up front, it is all tickaty boo!

   No shows this weekend ( all that jetlag (yawn!) i believe). Next weekend they are back in London on Friday at The Archangel in Kensington and Saturday night it is the regional final of Live And Unsigned at The Riverside Centre, Pride Park, Derby, looking to Steampunk up the crowd there, for effect.!/events/392781694080977/ 

   One last item to have a look at is "Best Steampunk Band Is" a link has been on the BB Blackdog facebook page. Abney Park lead, probably not unsurprisingly, and mostly Amrican bands in the top ten. BB Blackdog currently sit 12th, not so bad really, considering that, languishing well down the list is a Canadien three piece of some renown, by the name of Rush!




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