BB Blackdog- Back in the UK. Back in the UK. Back in the UK Ooh Ahh

   Just a quickie this week, since time is flying by. So..... with apologies for being a little shy on content, moving on.

   Nice to have the band  back, all rested up and ready for the fray!

   Three shows this week, all reunited with the dancing of Demolitia Tribal. All new venues.

  Nice little trip to the Capital first up on Friday, playing at The Archangel on Kensington High Street, close to the tube station of the same name, a great chance to see a fuller set for anyone who enjoyed the Antichrist gig last month.

   Saturday it is back up to Derby and the Regional Final of Live And Unsigned at The Riverside Centre on Pride Park, a short walk from Derby Rail or a 111 bus from Corporation Street. No details available regarding who else will be competing and whilst i appreciate the merits of such competitions fall under some scrutiny, the potential rewards for this one are pretty good. I know the guys will have some support with them, and indeed part of which will be Steampunks, but the more the merrier.

   To round off the weekend, there is a show at The Bold Forester, Botany Avenue in Mansfield, just off the A38 towards Sutton in Ashfield.

  One more mention for the Pledgemusic project, where the band are attempting to generate funds up front, for the second album and video releases. Some really unusual opportunities available at


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